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A Study On The Issues Concerning The Settlement Of Disputesin International Aviation Disasters

Posted on:2021-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306104454474Subject:Master of law
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On the morning of March 10,2019,a plane code-named ET302 crashed during a flight from the capital of Ethiopia to the capital of Kenya.The passengers killed on the flight came from 21 different countries,and the related issues after the crash will be complicated and cumbersome because of so many passengers of different nationalities.At the same time,the passenger aircraft model is Boeing 737MAX8 series.The same aircraft had a similar crash 4 months ago.The similar crash caused the two crashes to point to the inherent defects of 737MAX8 series aircraft manufactured by Boeing Litigation on Boeing's aviation product liability law is imperative.However,looking at the current international air passenger transportation liability system,neither the Warsaw system nor the Montreal Convention has involved the adjustment of liability for air products,let alone the establishment of other special international treaties to adjust such foreign legal disputes.This article hopes that through the study of the responsibility system for international air passenger transportation,it will put forward its own views on how to properly resolve the air crashes similar to the Ethiopian aviation disaster.The first chapter briefly introduces the general situation of Ethiopian Airline Air Crash difficulties and the following articles,which are mainly related to several issues of private international law and the current international conventions on how to resolve such cases.The second chapter is the main part of this article,focusing on the analysis of how to solve the Ethiopian Airlines Crash difficult case.The chapter is mainly divided into three parts,from the jurisdiction issue,the identification problem and the legal conflicts and legal application in the Ethiopian Airlines Crash difficult solution.Starting with three aspects of the problem,I elaborated on the author's thoughts on how to resolve such air crash cases.Chapter three,after the analysis of the difficulties of Ethiopian Airlines Crash and the current status of international legislation,finally reflects on the shortcomings of China 's current aviation law and related legal systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Air Passenger Transport, International Aviation Product Liability, Warsaw System, Montreal Convention
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