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Natural Resources Of Leading Cadres In Yangquan City Outgoing Audit Case Study

Posted on:2021-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The cadre natural resource outgoing audit defines the problems existing in the process of managing natural resources by local government cadres in the ecological audit,and blames individuals for decomposing responsibility.This paper summarizes and sorts out several audit work cases that have been completed under the cadre natural resource outsourcing audit mode from the perspective of government officials and the position and perspective of public officials,and finds deficiencies and problems in the work And found the adverse effects of these problems on the high-quality and efficient completion of the audit work,and analyzed the reasons for the problems,and finally drawn inspirations to inspire the future improvement of the natural resource audit of party members and cadres in Yangquan.After sorting out and analyzing the audit cases that have been completed in Yangquan City,it is found that while the audit work has achieved results,the shortcomings in the process cannot be ignored.At the objective level,due to the number of auditors,professional coverage,professional skills,lack of audit experience,and limited audit time and funds,many audit evidences are taken in the relevant departments.However,some data from relevant departments have been The lack of timeliness does not necessarily reflect the situation at the time of the audit.At the subjective level,auditing the responsibilities of local government officials for resource and ecological management at the time of departure,combined with qualitative indicators to make a scoring evaluation,itself is also mixed with more subjective judgments,which may lead to the audit results being affected by the interpersonal relationship 3.The influence of social relations network has the effect of covering up important issues and presenting only non-serious and non-principle issues.There is also the issue of artificially expanding the weight of the auditee ' s performance in the final evaluation.Therefore,this paper draws the following enlightenment.To improve the quality of natural resource outsourcing audits of party members and cadres in Yangquan City,it is necessary to build a composite talent team of natural resource outsourcing audits,introduce advanced technical methods in the field of natural resource asset audits,and construct qualitative and quantitative combination Evaluate the index system,accurately define the responsibilities of cadres' ecological and natural management issues,and strengthen the quality of the cadres' natural resources audit audit.
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