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Research On The Status Of Minority Residents' Participation In Tourism Development Under The Background Of Rural Revit Alization A Case Study Of H Village,Zhenning County,Anshun City,Guizhou Province

Posted on:2021-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the transformation and development of China's economy,tourism in China has developed rapidly,and ethnic minority villages have become the key areas for tourism development due to their unique ethnic culture and beautiful natural environment.The report of the 19 th National Congress put forward the strategy of rural revitalization.Ethnic villages are the key areas of rural revitalization.Under the background of rural revitalization strategy,this paper introduces the theory of social capital and adopts the method of field investigation and interview to investigate the status quo of villagers' participation in tourism development in minority areas.Under the theory of social capital,this paper studies the action of villagers' participation in tourism development,and how villagers use social capital embedded in social network to participate in tourism development,which fully reflects the mechanism of villagers' participation in tourism development.To supplement the detailed information about villagers' participation in tourism development in ethnic areas,improve the community participation,and boost the rural revitalization.The study found that after tourism development,the collective social capital function of H village weakened,the traditional rural society appeared trust crisis,the trust between villagers decreased,and it was difficult to establish a new type of trust relationship.Township rules and regulations "vacancy",modern township rules and regulations become a mere formality.The traditional function of "discussing the lang system" disappeared,the binding force of family tradition and family instruction was weakened,the villagers' concept of rational interests was strengthened,and the village public opinion punishment was strengthened.Clan relation has certain influence on social capital,and family social capital rises one after another.The income source of villagers is mainly migrant workers,and the income gap is not obvious.The position of tourism company staff is in direct proportion to the total amount of social capital occupied.The gap of social capital scale between fixed stallholders is small,the difference of hierarchy structure is not significant,and the difference of social capital scale between farmhouse operators is large,which shows a "pyramid" structure.Villagers also gain social capital through the location of "structural holes".The investment returns of different subjects of social capital are different,and the possession of social capital becomes the "hidden access mechanism" for villagers to get employment in tourism companies.The possession of social capital provides opportunities for the performance of individual operators,and villagers can get emotional and instrumental returns when they participate in tourism development.The lack of social capital of villagers leads to the phenomenon that tourism resources are monopolized by some elites while ordinary villagers are marginalized or directly excluded.Villagers' participation in tourism development is at a low level,with a narrow scope of participation and a small power of participation.Tourism development leads to the alienation of interpersonal relations,the escalation of family conflicts,the deterioration of neighborhood relations,the rise of "competition",the emergence of "hidden conflicts" in the public sphere,and the emergence of defensive psychology.To solve the above problems,we should first improve the distribution pattern of interests,establish the share contract system,standardize the order of the tourism market,establish a diversified employment system,and improve the mechanism of social relations.Secondly,the model of community participation should be improved to arouse the enthusiasm of villagers in tourism development,improve the level of villagers' participation in tourism,broaden the scope of participation,and increase the diversity of subjects of community participation in tourism.Finally,the ethnic cultural industry should be upgraded,the ethnic cultural resources should be invigorated,the culture should be further explored,the high-end tourism industry chain should be developed,and the tourism development model should be upgraded.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural revitalization, Ethnic areas, Community involvement in tourism, Tourism development
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