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Study On Customs Supervision Of Overseas Purchasing Agents

Posted on:2021-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306224954089Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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According to Chinese commerce industry research institute recently released in 2020,China's cross-border electricity industry market prospect and investment research report shows that,in recent years,the cross-border electricity industry development in our country has increased vastly,and the size of our markets also continues to expand.In 2018,China's import and export of cross-border electricity retail turnover reached up to a sum of 100 billion yuan,at the end of December 2018,the number of users that often used cross border shopping in our country were up to 88.5 million people.More and more consumers begun to adapt overseas online shopping.In 2019,China's cross-border e-commerce retail imports and exports reached a huge sum of 186.21 billion yuan,five times that of 2015,with an average annual growth rate of 49.5 percent.With the increase of comprehensive test zones for cross-border e-commerce,the market size of cross-border e-commerce will undoubtedly further expand,and the import and export transaction volume is expected to reach 280 billion yuan in 2020.In addition,from the perspective of the import and export structure of cross-border e-commerce,the export is still dominant in China's cross-border e-commerce,but in recent years,the proportion of the export is gradually declining,while the import is constantly increasing.In the future,in the trend of economic globalization and the rapid development of e-commerce,the cross-border online shopping in the global market demand continues to release,with cloud computing,big data,artificial intelligence and other new digital technology being widely used in cross-border trade service,production,logistics and payment link,will significantly improve cross-border electricity industry efficiency.Cross-border electricity dealer market will be rapidly growing whilst domestic cross-border electricity industry is expected to usher in a new developmental opportunities.The report predicts that the volume of imports and exports are expected to reach 280 billion yuan by2020 and 488 billion yuan by 2025.In addition,China's cross-border e-commerce industry will also show the following development trends: policy support will continue to increase,cross-border e-commerce import scale will continue to expand,cross-border e-commerce "pain points" will become business opportunities.Due to it's late start and lack of experience,there are many problems and confusions that exists in cross-border e-commerce.Supervision of cross-border e-commerce research in China is still at groping stage,overseas purchasing behavior is an important part of cross-border e-commerce shopping.It is also one of the key object of customs supervision,due to the increasing growth as overseas act as purchasing agency in cross border e commerce business.It has new characteristics different from traditional trade on which the industrial aspect is bigger than the traditional trade,and also the relevant enterprises and individuals suffer very much,because the customs supervision is relatively difficult,and also involves further requirements for customs supervision.The internal reform of the customs must be deepened to adapt to this new product of the Internet age.In this background,on January 1,2019,the electronic commerce of the People's Republic of China law formally promulgated,the total of the laws was divided into seven chapters which was altogether 89 laws.From e-commerce operators,issues related to electronic commerce contract,the rights and obligations of all kinds of complex and long-standing dispute settlement and other issues,involving the electric business subject determination,electric business tax,personal information,privacy and trading standards and many aspects such as domestic electric dealer market,existed before there was further revised the rule of law in China,and on the premise of maintenance and safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers,especially the overseas electricity business and more detailed provisions,there have to be more specifications for crossborder electricity dealers markets.In terms of the e-commerce law provisions,the content is quite broad,and it is limited to the basic problems in the practice of e-commerce into general principle of constraints,lack of details and specific provisions to assess where we need to evolve.These can't really avoid problems in the process of cross-border electricity trading and also provide the specific basis to solve the problems,there still exists many loopholes.The e-commerce law should be a developmental law,which needs to be supplemented and amended.Based on this,this paper is taking the most important overseas purchasing behavior of cross-border e-commerce as the entry point,and taking the customs supervision as the research object,and also to ponder and discuss about the new law.The article altogether is divided into five parts,the first chapter from the macro perspective of administrative law to a whole overview of customs supervision,the second chapter focuses on research and analysis about overseas act as purchasing agency in the e-commerce law related stipulation,also puts forward new innovations,and puts forward problems that are still existing.So that leads to the third chapter,the current situation of the customs supervision for China to explore and reflect on,because I worked in Japan during the writing exchange learning program for one year,during the study,I took time and read a lot of Japanese e-commerce related data.So the fourth chapter introduces the Japanese e-commerce laws and regulations relating to some specific provisions,and also got some ideas and some lessons was drawn from their experience.Last chapter is about cross-border e-commerce law of development,further analysis on the basis of full discussion of the customs supervision in our country,puts forward constructive Suggestions.In order to make the customs regulations play a role of the regulatory functions and make our service better,we have to increase the efficiency of the supervision of cross-border e-commerce and problems and reasons,to better promote the cross-border e-commerce in this emerging industry,and also in order to realize China's cross-border e-commerce security upgrade,standardized,become more efficient and a sustainable development.
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