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Research On The Investigation And Evidence Collection Of Telecommunication Fraud Cases

Posted on:2021-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the past decade,China's Telecommunication fraud cases continue to be high incidence,which seriously infringes on the social order and the safety of citizens.The public security organs have made some achievements in cracking down on the crime of telecommunication fraud,but the crime of telecommunication fraud continues to be fought repeatedly,and it will rebound if it is relaxed a little.In order to improve the effectiveness of the telecommunication fraud cases,this paper expounds and analyzes from four aspects.In the first part of this paper,through the analysis of the overall situation and characteristics of Telecommunication fraud cases,it is found that there are high incidence of cases,rapid changes in crime means,many victims,cross-border cross regional,upstream and downstream related crimes and characteristics.According to these situations and characteristics,we can draw a conclusion that the investigation and evidence collection of Telecommunication fraud cases need to be targeted and targeted.The second part of this paper mainly analyzes the current problems in the investigation of telecommunication fraud cases: first,the effect of obtaining evidence information in the receiving and reporting links is not good,and the information and evidence obtained are not comprehensive enough.Second,the ability to choose the investigation way still needs to be improved.At present,the investigation and evidence collection ways for telecommunication fraud mainly include telecommunication flow investigation,capital flow investigation and personnel flow investigation,mainly passive investigation.There are still many difficulties and obstacles in practice.Third,the thinking of analysis and judgment needs to be expanded.It is time-consuming and laborious to deal with telecommunication fraud cases with traditional investigative thinking.Fourth,the application of investigation and evidence collection technology needs to be strengthened.Electronic data is easy to intercept,tamper,delete and other characteristics.The lack of procedural awareness in investigation and evidence collection will not guarantee the integrity and authenticity of electronic data.Fifthly,the mechanism and method of investigation cooperation need to be improved.The system and mechanism of investigationcooperation among different kinds of police and regional police are still not perfect,and there is no investigation force of one plus one more than two.The third part of this paper mainly analyzes the general idea of the investigation and evidence collection of the telecommunication fraud cases: first,based on the telecommunication flow,capital flow and personnel flow,optimize and determine the investigation ways,use the methods of No.7 signaling code inversion,the investigation of the goip gateway,CDR bill analysis, trace the telecommunication flow;through the analysis and judgment of various kinds of capital flow ways,formulate targeted capital flow methods;With the core of "from person to case,person to case connection",we can establish the method of personnel flow based on domestic and overseas.Secondly,based on the analysis of case characteristics,we should strengthen the integration of investigation resources;thirdly,we should improve the effectiveness of active investigation on the premise of highrisk areas and personnel portraits;fourthly,we should take the normalization of investigation cooperation as a mechanism to give full play to the value of investigation joint forces.The fourth part of this paper analyzes and studies the specific methods of investigation and evidence collection in telecommunication fraud cases.Through these methods,offline investigation and evidence collection can not only promote the process of case detection,but also extract the evidence fixed enough to convict and sentence criminal gangs according to the severity of their actions,forming a complete evidence chain.This part is divided into five parts based on the types of legal evidence.First,improve the interrogation skills of victims and strengthen the source role of their investigation information;second,use big data technology to obtain electronic data;third,attach importance to the inspection of dens and fix physical evidence and documentary evidence;fourth,through the inspection of electronic physical evidence,play its special role of proof;fifth,scientific design of personalized trial Information scheme,to play the role of fact series and reinforcement of confession.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecommunication Fraud, Investigation, Evidence Collection, General Approach, Concrete Methods
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