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Research On Supervision Accountability System

Posted on:2021-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Z XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306245976129Subject:Supervision law practice
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On March 20,2018,the First Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress passed the "People's Republic of China Supervision Law." The law clearly stipulates that the supervisory committee has the power to deal with accountability.To distinguish between accountability within the party and administrative accountability,this article refers to such accountability as supervisory accountability.China 's“Supervision Law” simply stipulates that the Supervisory Committee can account for the leaders who are weak in performing their duties and failing to perform their duties.The relevant legal terms,objects of accountability,methods of accountability,and procedures of accountability in supervision accountability However,there are no clear and specific regulations,which may lead to deviations or difficulties in the application of accountability due to the abstraction of the legal basis in the practice of supervision accountability.Eventually,the supervisory authority may abuse the power of supervision accountability,or supervision accountability may appear.The situation of passive use of power.Therefore,to carry out research on the supervisory accountability system,clarify relevant concepts,clarify the target of accountability,the method of accountability,and refine the accountability procedures,etc.,are not only necessary to improve the supervisory system,but also have the value of deepening the theoretical study of the supervisory law.This article intends to demonstrate from the following aspects:The first chapter discusses the meaning of "accountability" in the supervision accountability system.Analyze from the angles of "ask" and "responsibility" respectively.First of all,the meaning of "question" in the supervision and accountability is clarified as "condemnation","accounting" and "accounting".From the "question" side,supervision accountability is a system of definite responsibility,accountability,and accountability.Secondly,the definition of "responsibility" in supervision accountability should be regarded as a kind of legal responsibility that should be assumed due to violation of the obligations stipulated in the "Supervision Law".The second chapter discusses how to define the object of supervision and accountability.The focus is on a comparative analysis of the objects of supervision and accountability,and it is believed that the objects of supervision and accountabilityshould be limited to the objects of supervision.In addition,with regard to the vague concept of "leaders" for monitoring accountability objects,a reasonable extension of "leaders" is analyzed.The third chapter discusses the causes of accountability in the supervisory accountability system and how to grasp them.Through analysis,it can be concluded that the accountability reasons that may occur in the two ways of incorrect performance of powers and non-performance of powers include two types of reasons for decision-making negligence and management,and management failures,while powers are not performed.It is mainly manifested in three types: "mediocre politics","lazy politics" and "lazy politics".The fourth chapter discusses the principles and methods of the application of supervision and accountability.It is determined that the principle of consistency of power and responsibility,the principle of statutory accountability,and the principle of commensurate punishment should be applied to supervision and accountability.In terms of applicable procedures,it can be carried out in accordance with procedures such as preliminary verification,case filing,and investigation,and analysis and conclusion of the accountability and corresponding application of supervision and accountability.The fifth chapter mainly discusses the connection or competition between supervision accountability and other accountability.Through a comparative analysis of supervisory accountability,disciplinary inspection accountability,and administrative accountability,it is believed that there is a possibility of co-operation between supervisory accountability,disciplinary inspection accountability,supervisory accountability,and administrative accountability.Carry out "dual accountability",and then clarify the current handling of accountability practice through specific examples in practice,and further demonstrate the views of this article.
Keywords/Search Tags:Monitoring accountability, accountability objects, accountability reasons, accountability methods
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