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A Comparative Study On Liability For Breach Of Contract Between Mongolia And China

Posted on:2021-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Ganzorig URELMAAFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306245983139Subject:International law
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Mongolia and China are neighbors connected by mountains and rivers,over the years,China and Mongolia have formed a friendly and cooperative relations.The economic relations between the two countries are complementary,China is both the largest exporting and the largest importing partner of Mongolia.According to statistics,China has been investing in Mongolia for more than 10 years and have become the largest source of foreign investment.With the deepening of diplomatic relations,economic and trade exchanges,many types of contracts signed between Mongolia and China enterprises and individuals,have become increasingly frequent and at the same time,there are various contract disputes,which is very inconvenient.In order to build a good environment for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries,it is necessary to make a series of studies on the contract laws of both Mongolia and China.I have refrained from choosing big issues,in order to achieve a clear result in this research,this paper makes a comparative study on the liability system for breach of contract through the contract law of Mongolia and China.This paper is mainly focused on the similarities and different points of the contract law of Mongolia and China on the liability for breach of contract.First,it discusses the origin of the contract and the modern theory of the contract.Second,this paper makes a comparative study on the principles of liability for breach of contract,the circumstances of breach of contract and the methods of responsibility between the two countries and find out the similarities and differences.Finally,some suggestions are put forward to improve the liability for breach of contract in Mongolian contract law based on the contract law of China.With the rapid development of economic and trade relations between Mongolia and China,together with the continuous development of the “One Road One Belt” initiative,the jurists of the two countries need to conduct a series of research on the legal aspects of the two countries.As a Mongolian student studying in China,I hope to improve my understanding of the liability for breach of contract in the contract law and hope to have some significant reference for Mongolian and Chinese readers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Contract Law, Liability for breach of contract, Methods of Responsibility
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