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Research On Mencius' Political Ethics Thoughts And Their Significances On The Construction Of Modern Administrative Ethics

Posted on:2021-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's political culture has a long history.In the pre-Qin era,political ideologies represented by different schools such as Confucianism,Taoism and Mohism have been formed.As an important representative of the pre-Qin Confucianism,Mencius fully inherited and carried forward Confucius 'political thoughts,formed political ideas with Mencius' personal characteristics,and developed Confucian political ethics.Mencius proposed a unique political ethics thought by reorganizing the relationship of political ethics and combining social ethics with political development.Mencius's political and ethical thoughts are the product of a combination of his personal subjectivity and historical objectivity.Mencius learned the personal experience of being employed and lobbying the vassal states,coupled with the continuous vassal wars in the Warring States period,the rapidly changing social system,and The social and historical background of contention among hundreds of schools has formed its political ethics with "benevolence" and "righteousness" as its cores.Mencius's political and ethical thoughts are based on the context of "inner benevolence and righteousness"."Benevolence" is an internal moral code,and "righteousness" is an external system and code of conduct,which are interdependent.With "benevolence and righteousness" as the core,the political ethics' role structure system of the monarch,minister and people as a whole regulates the righteousness between the monarch and minister,the righteousness between the monarch and people,and the righteousness between the minister and people,the construction of the political ethics' role of the home-country isomorphism expresses the righteousness between the individual and the country.Mencius's political and ethical benevolence program includes the people-based view and the view of the kingly way.The people-based way is the embodiment of the spirit of benevolence,and the kingly way is the requirement of moral principles.Taking the people-oriented and kingly principles as the program,it is necessary to ensure the economic guarantee of the people's material life,the education guarantee of promoting the moral education of the people,the guarantee of talents that support the selection of talents,and the main guarantee of improving the moral quality of the ruler to implement its benevolence program.By analyzing Mencius's political ethics thought system,it can provide reference for modern administrative ethics construction in terms of moral standards.The reasonable elements of Mencius's political ethics in the aspect of"benevolence",which is embodied in the benevolence of beloved and benevolent people,and in the aspect of "righteousness",it is embodied in the selection of virtuous talents and their proper positions.Therefore,starting from its reasonable factors,Mencius'political ethics thoughts' significances on the construction of modern administrative ethics are to absorb the administrative concept of "noble people love people",cultivate the administrative morality of "love people and treasure things",construct the criteria for selecting talents by selecting talents,and coordinate the administrative relationship of "conform with rituals and righteousness".
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