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Research On Rural Women's Political Participation Under The Rural Revitalization Strategy

Posted on:2021-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306305481954Subject:Public Management
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As the main force of rural revitalization,rural women play an irreplaceable role in promoting and realizing rural revitalization.However,due to the lack of enforcement of legal system and security mechanism in the process of rural specific implementation,the traditional male chauvinism consciousness,"men are in charge of the outside world,and women are in charge of internal affairs".Moreover,the comprehensive quality and ability of rural women are quite similar Due to the limitations,it is difficult for rural women to get effective protection in political participation.In view of the current situation,women are still the largest vulnerable group in the real society,and the protection of women's rights and interests in political participation is still the short board of rural grass-roots democratic political construction.In the nineteen major reports of the party,we put forward the strategy of Rural Revitalization and set up the 20 word policy of "thriving industry,livable ecology,effective rural civilization,effective governance and affluent life".In 2018,the Central Document No.1 also made clear that "rural women's action" should be implemented and rural women should be taken as the new force to realize rural revitalization.Therefore,promoting and rural women's participation in rural governance and protecting their rights and interests is also the key to promote and realize rural revitalization.Under the background of "Rural Revitalization Strategy",this paper defines the concepts of political participation and rural women's political participation based on gender theory and Rawls' justice theory.Through the analysis of the inevitable relationship between Rural Revitalization Strategy and rural women's political participation,this paper expounds the new requirements of Rural Revitalization Strategy for rural women and the important role of rural women's political participation in Rural Revitalization Strategy.Then,based on the information obtained from the field visit to 1 town of Longkou City,this paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of local rural women's political participation,and goes into politics Based on the comprehensive analysis of governance system,economic status,cultural factors,women's own quality and the guiding role of social organizations,this paper concludes that rural women's family and social status are low,their ideology is conservative,their political participation is passive,marginalized,and their appeals are not institutionalized.Finally,in view of the existing problems,through the legal system,economic development,cultural level and social environment to explore the improvement of rural women's political participation countermeasures,to solve the current situation provides some feasible suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural revitalization strategy, Rural women, Political participation, Rights and interests protection
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