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Research On The Influence Of Organizational Justice On Job Burnout Of Grassroots Police

Posted on:2022-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F LeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306311457574Subject:Public Management
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As front-line civil servants,grassroots polices are important participants and maintainers of the country's efforts to promote the construction of the rule of law,build a harmonious society and maintain social order and stability.Due to the special work nature and working environment,grassroots polices are faced with the complicated work environment inside and outside the organization and the work pressure caused by it.Among them,there are objective work pressures such as explicit family-work conflict,occupational pressure and job promotion,and also occupational burnout manifestations such as emotional exhaustion,depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment at the subjective level of grassroots police officers.Job burnout not only affects one's work practice,but also has a potential negative impact on the organization and society.In view of this,this paper attempts to explore the underlying mechanism of job burnout of grassroots police.The conclusion of this study has a certain guiding significance for how to manage and deal with the job burnout of grassroots police.On the one hand,this study further enriches and improves the research on the influencing factors of job burnout,and focuses more on the analysis of the influencing mechanism at the micro level.From the perspective of organizational equity,it believes that individual cognitive differences trigger behavioral responses and their changes.On the other hand,this study is helpful for in-depth understanding and analysis of the problems and causes of job burnout of grass-roots police officers,providing some practical guidance for dealing with the problem of job burnout of grass-roots police officers,and then stabilizing and strengthening the internal structure and relationship network of grass-roots police stations or public security departments.The job burnout of grassroots police is not only manifested in individual psychology and work,but also in the public management of national grassroots units.On the basis of combing and summarizing relevant studies on job burnout,this paper attempts to explore the influencing mechanism of job burnout of grassroots police officers from the perspective of organizational justice,and constructs a research model of job burnout(emotional exhaustion,depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment),distributive justice,procedural justice,competence and psychological resilience.Through the data analysis of 187 valid questionnaires collected from formal investigation,the relationship between organizational fairness and job burnout(emotional exhaustion,depersonalization,reduced personal accomplishment)of grassroots police officers was empirically tested,and the moderating effect of competence and psychological resilience was further explored.It is found that the distributive justice and procedural justice negatively affect the job burnout of grassroots police officers(emotional exhaustion,depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment).Competence strengthens the negative relationship between procedural fairness and job burnout.Psychological resilience has a strengthening effect on the negative relationship between distribution fairness and job burnout(emotional exhaustion,depersonalization,reduced personal accomplishment)of grassroots polices.In view of the research results of this paper,combined with the work experience,put forward countermeasures to alleviate the burnout of grass-roots police:First,we will build an institutional guarantee system for grass-roots police.We will improve the job security mechanism and organizational fairness mechanism for community-level police.Second,to create a new environment for scientific use of police.The mechanism of communication between the police and the people will be unimpeded,and the application of smart policing will be deepened.Third,strengthen the individual level intervention mechanism of grass-roots police.Cultivate "people-oriented" sustainable talents,enhance the competence of grass-roots police,and improve the mental toughness to cope with complex working environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Job Burnout, Organizational Justice, Career Competencies, Psychological Resilience, Grassroots police
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