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Research On The Problem And Countermeasure Of The Reform Of Delegating Power To District In Harbin

Posted on:2022-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306311952509Subject:Administrative Management
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With the deepening of the reform to delegate power,strengthen the supervision,and improve services,realizing the transformation of government functions has become an inevitable requirement to adapt to the high-quality development of social economy at present,and it is also the core task of administrative system reform.As an important starting point of transforming government functions,streamlining administration and delegating power is a key link to improve the governance ability and level of the government.In 2018,Harbin proposed to promote the reform of delegating power to district while further deepening the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power.Since the implementation of the reform of delegating power to district,Harbin has improved the administrative efficiency,improved the service level and quality,stimulated the vitality of the city,but at the same time,a series of problems continue to appear in the reform process,which affected the governance efficiency of local government.In view of this,it is of great significance to conduct in-depth research on the reform of delegating power to district in Harbin.At the same time,the reform of delegating power to district in Harbin can also provide a research basis and useful reference for other similar cities in China to implement the reform of delegating power to district.This paper takes the reform of delegating power to district in Harbin as the research object,comprehensive uses of literature analysis,empirical research,analytic hierarchy process,expert consultation,systematically combs the relevant literature at home and abroad,explains relevant concepts and theories,and summarizes the reform mechanism and main practices.On this basis,a relatively scientific and objective evaluation index system for the reform effect of delegating power to district in Harbin is constructed by focusing on three dimensions,including the decentralization and undertaking of the reform,the construction of government services after decentralization,and the public satisfaction,to analyze the implementation of the reform.The study found that the current reform of delegating power to district in Harbin has some problems,such as selection of delegated items is unreasonable,the supporting resources are not sinking in place,the service guide is low degree of standardization,and insignificant effect of reform optimization.These problems are mainly caused by the legal and normative protection is insufficient,the supervision and evaluation mechanism is not perfect,the level of coordination and communication is not smooth,the traditional administrative culture.In view of the problems existing in the reform,and combined with the actual situation of Harbin City,put forward feasible countermeasures and suggestions,it mainly includes: strengthen legal and normative safeguards,improving the supervision and evaluation mechanism,integrating supporting resources to strengthen collaboration,attaching importance to the construction of government administrative culture,etc.This study provides innovative ideas for solving reform problems,and provides suggestions and suggestions for deepening the reform of delegating power to district in Harbin and improving the governance level of Harbin municipal government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Harbin Municipality, The reform of delegating power to district, Streamlining administration and delegating power, Reform to delegate power,strengthen the supervision,and improve services
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