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An Analysis Of Political Compromise In England's "Glorious Revolution"

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Nowadays,with the ups and downs of globalization,the globalization of economy,politics and culture has strengthened the degree of interdependence among people,and the diversification of society and the development of democratic politics have led to frequent political conflicts and contradictions.In the process of political development,political compromise is an effective way to solve political conflicts and plays an important role in the process of political development in the West.Britain is a country with a high recognition of compromise.Political compromise has not only become the main means to solve political conflicts,but also walks out of a moderate and gradual political development mode.Taking the "Glorious Revolution" in 1688 as the carrier,an in-depth study of political compromise can deepen our understanding of the compromise culture in England.From the analysis of the struggle and compromise among various subjects in the "Glorious Revolution",it can be seen that political compromise acted as a lubricant to balance the interests of all parties,promoted the transformation of Britain from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy,continuously improved the British democratic system,and promoted the steady development of British democratic politics.The introduction of this paper mainly makes a brief explanation of the background and significance of the topic,and summarizes the research status of domestic and foreign scholars on the glorious revolution and political compromise;the first chapter mainly combs and explains the related concepts of political compromise,and at the same time expounds political compromise on the theory of human nature,The theoretical basis of social contract theory,religious tolerance and political tolerance,and value pluralism;Chapter Two discusses the compromise between the king and the church during the Glorious Revolution,the compromise between the king and the parliament,and the compromise between the Whig Party and the Tory Party.Analysis;The third chapter analyzes the reasons why the Glorious Revolution can reach a political compromise from the political tradition of the British "king under the law",the uniqueness of the British aristocracy,the British social and cultural awareness and the lessons of war history;the fourth chapter is from politics Compromise on the construction of bourgeois parliamentary democracy,ensuring the stable development of capitalist economy,the bourgeoisization of the British aristocracy,and political compromise to delay the development of British society analyzes the impact of the Glorious Revolutionary political compromise on the United Kingdom.
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