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Research On The Role Of Grassroots Women's Federations Under The Background Of Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2022-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306320995379Subject:Public Administration
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With the development of the city,a large number of rural male labor force has been transferred to the city,and rural women,as the main left-behind persons in the countryside,have become the important force in the overall development of the countryside.With the reform of mass organizations,the functions of grass-roots Women's federations have changed gradually from focusing on political functions to focusing on both political functions and social functions.After Shandong Province launched the clarion call to build a rural revitalization strategy,the grass-roots Women's federations gave full play to their organizational advantages,acted quickly and actively,and led the majority of women to actively participate in the "five major revitalization" of Rural Industries,talents,culture,ecology and organizations,contribute to the rejuvenation of the countryside.In this paper,the role of grass-roots Women's federations in the context of rural revitalization as a research topic,through literature review,case analysis and questionnaire distribution,analysis of grass-roots Women's federations in rural revitalization of how to play a better role.By analyzing the role played by the grass-roots Women's federations in Jinxiang County,Shandong Province in five aspects of revitalization,it is understood that the grass-roots women's federations have played a significant role in the context of rural revitalization,but they also face some difficulties,for example,the composition and structure of grass-roots Women's federations are unreasonable,the role of grass-roots Women's federations in publicity and mobilization is not obvious,and the grass-roots Women's federations have invested less funds in rural revitalization activities,the role of grass-roots Women's federations in the five major areas of rural revitalization is not balanced.For the grass-roots Women's federations to better play their role in the context of rural revitalization,put forward some suggestions and suggestions,set up a new mechanism to serve the rural revitalization work,pool women's forces to promote rural revitalization,and strive for multi-party support for rural revitalization and development,broadening the sources of funds for rural revitalization projects and promoting all-round implementation of the "five major revitalization".
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots Women's Federation, Rural Revitalization, Function
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