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The Evolution Of Information Technology Investment Decision Model For Provincial Government Sector

Posted on:2022-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306329475974Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Emerging Information Technology has encouraged many countries to actively explore breakthroughs in the integration of information technology with public governance and government services,and the world has entered a new era of digital government transformation.Various governments have issued the digital government strategies and invested a large amount of financial funds for the construction of government information systems.However,the high growth of government information technology level is accompanied by a high failure rate,which leads to the low efficiency of government information technology investment and serious waste of financial resources.The relevant discussion of information technology governance has aroused wide attention of scholars and administrators.Scholars generally believe that a good information technology governance mechanism can effectively improve the IT project investment efficiency,and the core of information technology governance is the governance of information technology investment decisions.However,due to the variability of government power characteristics and management mode,the government information technology investment decision model and its evolution are still in the black box,which hinders the research on the influence mechanism of information technology governance on the government information technology investment benefit.This paper attempts to analyze the information technology investment decision practice of provincial governments in China from the aspects of decision-making subject and structure,decision-making process and right allocation,to uncover the black box of government IT investment governance in China,and to improve the government IT investment benefit.Based on the power rent-seeking theory,information technology governance theory and public choice theory,first of all,according to public information,interview records,this paper analysis the three decades of policies and regulations for egovernment,the development of Internet technology and the change of public requirements,then combed out the four stages of the development of the information technology investment of local government;Secondly,using multiple case studies and inductive method to sum up four kinds of government IT investment decision model from 45 provincial government IT project case,according to the participation of decision players in information technology investment decision making and power configuration,and analysis the decision makers,decision-making process and decisionmaking configuration way of each decision model;Finally,I found the corresponding relationship between the four information technology investment decision-making modes and the four information technology investment development stages,through the statistical analysis of the case data.Then this paper analyzed the evolution path and trend of the provincial government information technology investment decisionmaking mode,and constructed the evolution stage model of China's government information technology investment decision-making mode.In addition,this paper summarizes the experience and lessons of government information technology investment decision-making,and puts forward the implementation principles of government information technology investment decision-making.The analysis of the information technology investment decision-making mode and its evolution trend in this study effectively answer the question of "what is it" of the information technology investment decision-making mode of the Chinese government,and helps the government improve the IT investment decision-making governance mechanism by taking history as a mirror.This paper reviews the four stages of government information development from the perspective of IT investment,builds the evolutionary stages model of government IT investment decision mode,it not only helps to analyze the challenge for digital government under the new situation,and summing up the experience of the government IT investment decision-making.It can improve the IT governance to provide practical guidance for the future.In addition,based on the special political background of China,this study explores the practice of government IT investment decision-making which is different from that of the west,and provides a governance mode and theoretical explanation with Chinese characteristics for IT governance,enriching the theoretical research in relevant fields in the international community.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public sector IT investment, Investment decision model, Government information technology governance, Decision-making model evolution, Government informatization, Multiple case studies
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