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A Study On Perfecting Foreigner Permanent Residence System In China

Posted on:2022-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306344462334Subject:Master of law
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Our country is entering a new period of opening up at a high speed.More and more foreigners,especially outstanding overseas talents,have been integrated into every field of our social life.Countries around the world generally regard the permanent residence system for foreigners as the best way to attract foreign talents to invest,start businesses and find employment.The purpose of perfecting the permanent residence system for foreigners in China is to bring into play the role of attracting talents,talents and investment,and meet the practical needs of senior overseas talents to reside permanently in China.China is a non-traditional immigrant country.Since 1985,when the permanent residence system for foreigners was first established,the system has actively served the national talent strategy and made important contributions to economic and social development over the past 35 years.But there are also many practical problems,which cause the lag of the management of permanent residence of foreigners in China.In February 2020,the Ministry of Justice and the National Immigration Administration jointly solicit public opinions on the "Regulations on the Administration of Foreigners' Permanent Residence(Draft)",which is a legislative attempt in the reform of China's immigration management system.The purpose is to promote exchanges between China and foreign countries by standardizing and improving the administration of examination and approval in order to meet the needs of deepening reform and expanding opening up and accelerating the construction of a modern socialist country.This paper hopes that by comparing the system provisions of various countries in the world and combining with the actual situation of our country,we can put forward specific revision opinions and suggestions on the draft for soliciting opinions,so as to achieve the value purpose of implementing the strategy of strengthening the country with talents,promoting economic and social development,enhancing national attractiveness and building a harmonious society under the new situation.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part puts forward the main research issues of this paper by analyzing the research background,research value and academic achievements of the permanent residence system of foreigners.The second part analyzes the permanent residence system of foreigners in three different periods in China,and focuses on the evaluation of the Regulations on the Administration of Foreigners' Permanent Residence(Draft for Comments)in 2020.The third part elaborates the legal level is too low,the management is not consistent and the social adaptability is not high practical problems of our country's permanent residence system.The fourth part from the form of the system,the level of legislation and value orientation and other aspects of China's permanent residence system for foreigners to improve the opinions and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreigners, Permanent residence system, Immigrants, Talent introduction
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