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A Study On The Restrictive Factors And Countermeasures Of Village Women's Federations' Participation In Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2021-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the promotion of the rural revitalization strategy,the rural development environment has undergone certain changes,and the collaborative participation of multiple entities in rural revitalization has become a mainstream trend.Village-level women's federations mainly serve rural women and children.Under the new situation,the service targets and scope of village-level women's federations are constantly expanding and extending,which also creates more possibilities for them to participate in rural revitalization.Based on the reality of our own work,combined with the problems encountered in the work of the village women federation in X town and the problems existing in the construction of the team,this study discusses the role of the village women federation in the revitalization of the countryside.From the theoretical research point of view,although there are many research results on the main body of rural revitalization and social governance,there are few studies on the village women federation as the main body.At the same time,the village women federation has certain advantages in the rural revitalization work,and how to give full play to this advantage is an urgent task,and it is also a practical problem that needs to be studied and discussed urgently.The research adopts qualitative research method,in-depth interview method and case research method.We taking town X as an example,with the women's federation chairman,women's federation vice-chairman,executive committee,and women's representatives as survey objects to understand the fields,contents,methods,and means of participating in rural revitalization.And effectiveness.This study focuses on three issues:(1)Under the background of rural revitalization strategy,investigate and understand the practical exploration and practical results of village-level women's federations in various fields of rural revitalization.(2)The main problems and existing constraints faced by village-level women's federations in participating in rural revitalization.(3)How village-level women's federations can better participate in rural revitalization and contribute to the realization of rural revitalization goals.It is found that the role of village-level women federations in rural revitalization is to serve the vulnerable groups,to help poverty alleviation accurately,to express women rights and interests,and to improve their governance ability.However,restricted by internal and external factors,the role and effectiveness of the women federation at the X town level have not been brought into full play,and there are still many problems in the process of participating in the rural revitalization.The main manifestations are as follows: the field of participation is relatively fixed,the content of participation is insufficient;the way of participation needs to be improved,and the effective carrier of activities is lacking;the functional boundary of the women federation is not clear,and the participation rights,responsibilities and functions are limited.The comprehensive ability of women workers is insufficient,and the work effect of women federations is not obvious.Therefore,it is necessary to further clarify the relationship between village-level women federations and the party,government and other organizations,clarify their responsibilities in rural revitalization,and enhance their sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for participation.At the same time,the internal and external conditions are constantly optimized to ensure the growth of the village women federation and its participation in rural construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Village women Federation, Rural revitalization, Women work, Constraints
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