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Identification,Cause Analysis And Prevention Measures Of Medical Damage In A Certain City

Posted on:2021-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306461454934Subject:Hospital management
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Objective With the continuous development of economy and improvement in living standards,people have paid more attention to their own health.As a result,medical disputes have arisen due to divergences in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.Due to the high risk of medical practice,the particularity of the illness,the complexity offinding whether there is a causal relationship between medical faults and patient's damage,how to resolve medical disputes has become intractable.At present,medical identification widely used in China to solve technical problems in medical disputes,is a relatively professional and scientific method to determine whether there is a causal relationship between medical faults and patient's damage.This paper aims to find out the links of medical risks and make some suggestions for hospital safety management,by analyzing the case data of the medical damage identification cases filed by the medical association of a certain city from 2013 to 2017,especially the reasons for the responsibility of the hospital in medical damages.Methods Statistical analysis was carried out on the data of the client,the patient,the hospital level,relative department,the reasons for the medical damage and the responsibility assumed by the hospital.All the data were processed by Excel 2010,and the rate was compared by ?~2test.P < 0.05 was considered to be statistically significant.Results As for medical disputes,hospitals had less primary responsibility by technical appraisal.The number of medical services undertaken by tertiary hospitals was huge,and the total number of disputes was large,but the number of responsibility for medical damage was small.At the meanwhile,the number of medical services undertaken by secondary hospitals was less than that of the tertiary hospitals,but there were also a large number of medical disputes,andthe hospital should bear the responsibility for the most of them.The key departments for preventing medical disputes or medical damages were departments of trauma orthopedics,hepatobiliary surgery,gastrointestinal surgery,obstetrics,neonatology,cardiovascular medicine and emergency.Except for medical disputes in clinical departments,they could also occur in medical laboratory departments.A variety of disputes could be triggered by inadequate hospital management.Improper communication between doctors and patients and irregular writing of medical records were common problems in medical disputes.Conclusions According to above results,it is recommended to perfect medical quality management system for hospital safety management,establish a medical dispute database and medical risk warning system,optimize medical resource allocation,establish medical damage liability insurance system,and improve medical dispute related laws and regulations.For the hospital,It is important to train medical staff in terms of laws,regulations,knowledge and human literacy continually,strengthen professional skills training and assessment among physicians,pay attention to doctor-patient communication,standardize medical record writing,and strengthen publicity of correct medical knowledge for the common people.
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