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Research On The Security Rules Of Cross-border Data Flow In The Era Of Digital Economy

Posted on:2021-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306473457764Subject:International Law
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Under the background of the digital economy era,the economy makes more and more demands for the cross-border flow of "data" with the help of the international communication mode of network informatization.In the economic field,the concepts of "digital economy" and "data" have entered the public vision and gradually developed into a new economic model and economic elements in the international market.With the global development of digital economy,the crossborder flow of data has become a new social hot spot.The rules of cross-border data flow will also directly affect the development of digital economy.In this context,the rules of cross-border data flow have become an important issue in the international community.Due to network virtual space of borderless characteristics and rules of data differ,the security problem of potential data in the personal data of the early days of cross-border personal privacy,personal property safety,evolution of data security problem such as cross-border data affect the interests of the state,this has caused wide public concern in cross-border transfer data.For the consideration of national sovereignty and data security environment in reality,the cross-border data flow rules are set to restrict the cross-border data flow rules to regulate the cross-border data security.Different countries take different positions and adopt different methods.However,the measures to restrict the cross-border flow of data are also affecting the development of the digital economy.By analyzing the rules of cross-border data flow,we actively seek feasible measures to protect data security in the era of digital economy,establish a hierarchical data management system,make good use of the international consultation,negotiation and communication platform,and actively participate in international cooperation on data security.At present,there are many uncertainties in the international economic environment and the cross-border data environment due to the frequent cross-border data.It is still necessary to have rules for cross-border data security.Through the analysis of international data cross-border rules,combining with the characteristics of China's global economic development and existing data cross-border rules,it is necessary for China to take reasonable data security protection measures for the security of data cross-border flows.At present,the domestic legislation related to the cross-border flow of data is relatively scattered.The domestic legislation level of relevant data is relatively low,and there is no independent legislation.In this regard,China should learn from the international experience to improve the legislation related to the cross-border flow of domestic data,summarize the research experience on the security of the rules for the cross-border flow of international data,and actively improve the domestic rule system.In addition,we should actively participate in the cross-border international cooperation and supervision of data to jointly create a healthy environment for the development of the digital economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data cross-border, Digital economy, Data security
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