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Study On The Risk Factors Of Health Supervision Law Enforcement

Posted on:2021-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306473466234Subject:Public Health
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Objectives :Identification of health supervision and law enforcement risk factors,this paper discusses hygiene supervision and law enforcement risk assessment methods,and make use of the method of risk matrix and the Borda sequence values of each risk factor to make comprehensive assessment,supervision and law enforcement so as to determine the health of the high risk factors,to provide scientific basis for risk coping strategies and measures,the risk of early realization of hygiene supervision and law enforcement can prevent,can resist,can be controlled,reduce or avoid the happening of hygiene supervision and law enforcement risk events.Methods:The risk factors of health supervision and law enforcement were identified and summarized by literature review method,and the risk factors database of health supervision and law enforcement was established.Delphi method is used to obtain experts' Suggestions on the importance of each risk index and the probability and severity of risk occurrence.Finally,expert opinions towards a consensus are obtained through index adjustment.Risk matrix method was used to evaluate the risk level of risk factors from the perspectives of probability and severity of risk factors.On the basis of the assessment results of risk matrix,Borda sequence value method is finally used to determine the risk level sequence of each risk factor.After collecting the questionnaire,Epidata3.1 double-track input was used to export the EXCEL table,and SPSS22.0 software was used to collate and analyze the data.Chi-square test and Kendall's coefficient of coordination(W)were used to judge the significant difference,and P<0.05 was used to judge the statistical significance.Results:1.A total of 76 risk factors of health supervision and law enforcement were identified by literature review,and finally a health supervision and law enforcement risk database containing 64 risk factors was formed through screening and adjustment;2.Using Delphi method and health statistics analysis,finally determined the health supervision law enforcement risk list,a total of 55 risk factors.3.The risk levels of 55 risk factors were determined by the risk matrix method,among which,5 were extremely serious risk,20 were high risk,24 were medium risk and 6 were low risk.4.The Borda sequence value method was used to determine the risk level ranking of 55 risk factors,among which the top 5 risk factors were:unreasonable number of establishment and insufficient number of personnel rank first;The health laws and regulations lag behind seriously rank second,the health supervision network is not perfect and health supervision force is weak in grass-roots places rank second too.There is no clear law that directly stipulates the status of health supervision agencies rank fifth.Conclusions:1.The lack of top-level design and unreasonable number of establishment of health supervision institutions are prominent.Attention should be paid to the top-level design of health supervision institutions,and problems such as unclear nature and legal status of health supervision institutions and unreasonable number of establishment should be solved as soon as possible.2.Risk factors with high risk level and above account for nearly 50%.Health supervision agencies and health supervisors should firmly establish risk awareness,and strictly enforce the law in daily law enforcement work,so as to take good measures to prevent and respond to risks.3.Risk factors such as power abuse for personal gain by health supervisors,non-compliance with laws,lack of law enforcement experience,etc.,all belong to the low risk level and rank lower in the risk level,indicating that health supervision and law enforcement personnel have a stronger sense of legal system,can act in strict accordance with the law in the process of law enforcement,and law enforcement standardization and standardization level has been significantly improved;4.Risk matrix method and Borda sequence value method are used to evaluate the risks of health supervision and law enforcement,and a research model combining qualitative and quantitative is established,which is quite innovative and can provide scientific methods and technical support for the early realization of dynamic assessment and early warning of health supervision and law enforcement risks.5.This study opens up new ideas and makes beneficial exploration on the risk assessment of health supervision and law enforcement in China.Suggestion:Combining the risk factors existing in the current health supervision and law enforcement work and the risk assessment results,the following risk control measures and Suggestions are proposed :1.enrich the law enforcement team and improve the quality of personnel; clarify the organization positioning and accelerate the pace of public participation; improve relevant laws and regulations and the health legal system;4.strengthen the construction of the assistant management team and improve the health supervision network;5.strengthening social publicity and enhancing social awareness;6.innovate the regulatory model and comprehensively implement "double random,one open";7.we vigorously implemented a system of recording the entire process of administrative law enforcement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Health supervision, Law enforcement risks, Risk assessment, The Delphi method, Risk matrix, The Borda sequence value
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