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Differentiation Analysis Of The Policies Of The Obama Administration And The Trump Administration Towards The Asia-Pacific Allies

Posted on:2022-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306479979099Subject:International relations
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The Asia-Pacific region has always been a key area for the United States in its global strategic deployment,while the Asia-Pacific Alliance and other partner countries have been an important cornerstone for the United States to formulate global strategy.The Trump administration's Asia-Pacific alliance policy is quite different from the Obama era.However,the United States has not completely divorced from Asia-Pacific affairs.It should still be an American friend that the country's allies and partners can trust.Compared with the Obama administration,the Trump administration has a very different and contradictory attitude towards its traditional allies in the region : In the context of increasing competition with China,deeper cooperation between the United States and its allies will be crucial,and its highly skeptical unilateral impulse has prompted it to treat its allies again on the value and fairness of the alliance.Demonstrate an attitude that looks like a shoe.This has led to a confusing approach,that is,the United States requires its allies to be closer to the United States' China policy,while the United States also conducts a series of tit-for-tat measures of interest with its allies and partners.This inconsistency has deeply disturbed US allies and partners throughout the Indo-Pacific region.In general,the differences in alliance policies between the two governments in the Asia-Pacific region are mainly reflected in the obvious differences in their respective alliance policy concepts,cooperation models,and management methods for allies.Unlike the Obama administration,which is based on realistic idealism,the Trump administration's Asia-Pacific alliance policy is greatly affected by changes in the international situation,the United States,and Trump's personal factors.At the same time,the Trump administration is too concerned about "America First" and less concerned about the interests of allies in the Asia-Pacific region,and it is difficult to obtain sincere support from allies in the Asia-Pacific region,which also makes the "reciprocal" relationship advocated by the Trump administration remain literal,and the United States and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region are facing a certain degree of dilemma.Especially under the impact of the COVID-19 in the past year,the Trump administration's image of inaction has made the United States' irresponsible international image in the international community worse.At the same time,it has had many far-reaching effects on Sino-US relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Trump Administration, Obama Administration, Asia-Pacific Alliance Policy, Management Dilemma
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