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Investigation Of Fund-raising Fraud In The Field Of Equity Crowdfunding

Posted on:2022-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The crime of fund-raising fraud in the field of equity-based crowdfunding refers to the behavior that equity-based crowdfunding platforms,project financiers or project lead investors illegally raise funds by fraudulent means for the purpose of illegal possession and with a large amount of money.The lack of information disclosure mechanism and social credit investigation system,the people's desire for high-yield investment channels,coupled with the policy dividend and non-contact drive,make such criminal cases emerge in an endless stream in recent years,seriously endangering the national financial management system and the legitimate property rights and interests of investors.In the field of equity-based crowdfunding,there are a large group of victims in the crime of fund raising fraud,which is widely distributed in the region.The criminals show the characteristics of specialization and organization.The amount of funds involved is huge and the flow direction is complex.As a result,there are many difficulties in the aspects of clue discovery,case preliminary investigation,investigation and evidence collection,investigation cooperation,and recovery of stolen goods and loss in such criminal cases,which seriously restrict the crackdown effect of the public security organs on the fund-raising fraud in the field of equitybased crowdfunding.Starting from the investigation process of the public security organs,this paper analyzes the investigation dilemma of the fund-raising fraud cases in the field of equity-based crowdfunding,and makes targeted investigation countermeasures based on the characteristics of the fund-raising fraud cases in the field of equity-based crowdfunding.In terms of the discovery of case clues,we should unblock the channels for the public to report the case,improve the transfer mechanism of abnormal situation of equity-based crowdfunding,strengthen the network position control,establish information monitoring and information early warning platform,and take the initiative to obtain case clues.In terms of case filing and review,timely filing and registration should be done,and detailed investigation should be conducted on equitybased crowdfunding projects and platform information.In the aspect of investigation and evidence collection,electronic evidence collection norms are formulated,data analysis capabilities are improved,material evidence documentary evidence is collected,victims and witnesses are questioned in detail,criminal suspects are interrogated with a variety of techniques,evidence integration is carried out,and evidence chains are constructed.In terms of investigation cooperation,it analyzes the reasons for the low efficiency of investigation cooperation between trans-regional public security organs and between public security organs and external subjects,establishes a trans-regional and trans-departmental information exchange platform,improves the normal investigation cooperation mechanism,and ensures sufficient funds for case handling,so as to improve the efficiency of case handling and ensure the effect of case handling.In the aspect of improving the quality of investigators,they should be trained in professional quality,and a full-time investigation team should be established to ensure the smooth implementation of investigation and handling of cases.In terms of recovery and disposal of property involved in the case,leaders and investigators should pay more attention to it,make reasonable use of various investigation measures,improve the recovery mechanism,reasonably dispose of property involved in the case,and stabilize investors' emotions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equity-based crowdfunding, Financing Fraud Crime, Investigation of trouble, Investigative countermeasure
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