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The Dilemma And Breakthrough Of Fighting Telecommunication Fraud Crime

Posted on:2022-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of internet technology,telecommunication fraud crime has been constantly upgraded,the number of cases remains high,and people are frequently harassed by the suspect.In such type of crime,the suspects are well-organized,have a clear division of labor,have strong anti detection awareness and advanced criminal equipment.The public security organ is faced with many obstacles,just like case arrangement,electronic evidence extraction,the capture of suspects,and recovery of illicit money.Blockchain itself has the characteristics of sharing and opening.It is a kind of distributed shared ledger and database that all people participate in.It has unique advantages in data acquisition,storage and circulation.It can effectively solve the problem of information asymmetry between different subjects,realize multi-agent coordination and unified action,and has a high degree of consistency with the combating telecommunication fraud crime.Based on this,from the perspective of blockchain application,this article analyzes and summarizes the combat difficulties of telecommunication fraud crime through the research on the types,methods,and characteristics of telecommunication fraud crime,and combines the actual investigation work of the public security organ.Exploring the situation relying on the blockchain to improve the investigation mechanism and establish a blockchain-based platform for combating telecommunication fraud crime,so as to improve the efficiency of investigation,give full play to the technical advantages of the blockchain,and break through the current predicament in combating telecommunication fraud crime.This article is divided into five parts.The first part is the introduction,which explains the research background,research status,research significance and research methods of this article.The second part is an overview,including an overview of telecommunication fraud crime and an overview of the blockchain.It introduces the concept of telecommunication fraud crime,the historical evolution process,the reasons for the current high incidence,as well as the concept and characteristics of blockchain.The third part discusses the current predicament in combating telecommunication fraud crime,including four aspects: investigation and collection of evidence,investigation cooperation,arrest of criminal suspects,and recovery of funds involved in the case.The fourth part discusses the application of blockchain in combating telecommunication fraud crime,and demonstrates the necessity and feasibility of the application of blockchain in combating telecommunication fraud crime.Based on the previous article,the fifth part proposes blockchain-based countermeasures to combat telecommunication fraud crime,including building a platform based on blockchain technology for combating telecommunication fraud crime,launching dynamic early warnings to strengthen pre-case prevention,and improving the mode of investigation decision.Improve the quality of evidence extraction and storage,strengthen investigation collaboration mechanism construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecommunication fraud crime, Blockchain, Data sharing, Investigation and evidence collection, Investigation cooperation
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