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Research On The Permanent Residence System Of Overseas High-level Talents In China

Posted on:2022-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the process of globalization,transnational immigrants are increasing,and the flow of talents is a valuable resource.All countries are actively implementing the international talent competition strategy to strengthen the comprehensive national power.Just as President Xi Jinping said,talent competition was key to the competition of comprehensive national power.Fundamentally speaking,the talent competition is also the system competition.Judging from the practice of various countries,land settlement policy is usually the main method for sovereign state to carry out personnel strategy.The most critical part is the quality of the design of the permanent residence system for foreigners.However,there are many problems in the permanent residence system of foreigners in our country,which needs improvements.This article will explore this.This paper is divided into five parts,and the first part is the introduction.Through the analysis of the international and domestic situation,this paper summarizes the significance of the topic.Combined with the existing research,related theoretical framework and related research methods to determine the research contents and expected objectives and to expound the creative point and difficulties of this study.The second part is a review of the studies.Firstly,it defines the concept of overseas high-level talents and permanent residence system.Then it introduces the emergence and development of the permanent residence system for overseas high-level talents in our country.According to the process of obtaining the permanent residence qualification of overseas high-level talents in China,the third part analyzes the shortcomings and the causes of such problems from five aspects: laws and regulations,entry visa,qualifications,approval and evaluation mechanisms,and immigration integration.The fourth part analyzes the enlightenment to China by combining the permanent residence system of high-level overseas talents in the United States,Canada,Japan and the European Union.The fifth part is based on the problems existing in China's permanent residence system of overseas high-level talents and abroad experience,and puts forward the corresponding perfect countermeasures form five aspects: making up for the deficiency of the legal system,perfecting the visa system,optimizing the application qualification and approval process,and improving the measures for immigrants to integrate into.This paper strives to solve the problems existing in the construction of permanent residence system for overseas high-level talents,and to optimize the management and service of overseas high-level talents.It is expected to really attract,support and retain talents in the treatment of overseas high-level talents.
Keywords/Search Tags:Overseas High-level Talent, Immigration, Permanent Residence System of Foreigners
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