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Research On The Impact Of Tourism Development On Ethnic Identity

Posted on:2022-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306482977099Subject:Anthropology of Tourism
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Tourism,as a comprehensive economic industry,has a positive impact on the sustainable development of the national economy and is also one of the important ways to remove ethnic areas from poverty.Therefore,it is feasible to carry out tourism development in areas rich in tourism resources,and drive the social prosperity and economic growth of ethnic areas with tourism development.But tourism development is a dynamic and long process,which is bound to cause certain influence to the region's national culture,social development and ethnic identity.Zhenshan Village is a typical ethnic village in Guizhou Province.Since the development of ethnic village tourism in the 1990 s,the socio-economics of Zhenshan Villages have achieved an overall leap.The tourism industry of Zhenshan and Village has developed rapidly,but in the mean time the ethnic identity of local residents is gradually changing,and even weakening.The ethnic identity of the village residents has gradually weakened.Over time,it will inevitably affect the protection and inheritance of local society and culture.The phenomenon of ethnic identity of townships and villages in tourism development is mainly reflected in ethnic culture,social life and ways and so on.This research takes the impact of township and village tourism development on local residents as the background of research,takes ethnic identity as the research perspective,combines relevant references and research results,and analyzes the changes brought about the ethnic identity of township and village residents by tourism development,as well as the main factors affecting the change of ethnic identity.In order to analyze the factors affecting ethnic identity from several dimensions,such as economic development,ethnic environment,attitude of community members,and tourists' perspective,explore the internal relationship between tourism development and ethnic identity,take measures to strengthen the ethnic identity of village residents,strengthen ethnic origin awareness and attach importance to ethnic culture.Through the government's limited leadership to coordinate village development and highlight ethnic culture and realize the sustainable development of ethnic village tourism.It will carry out the two-way development of ethnic village tourism and the strengthening of ethnic identity.
Keywords/Search Tags:tourism develope, ethnic groups, Ethnic identity, sustainable development
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