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Research On The Governance Dilemma And Countermeasure Of Telecom Network Fraud Crime

Posted on:2022-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Telecom network fraud crime has spread rapidly in the whole country since 2000 and been constantly upgraded with the development of telecommunication technology and the increasingly powerful functions of the Internet,it has become the main type of crimes against property.Encountering the Telecom network fraud cased by the victim depression,death and other personal extreme cases occurred repeatedly.Such crimes have developed into one of the social difficulties that endanger people's property security and social harmony and stability.We must strictly crack down on and strictly control them in order to curb the development of such crimes,and safeguard the people's property security and the country's long-term stability.The first part of this paper introduces the concept,type and harm of telecom network fraud crime.The crime of telecommunication network fraud refers to the act of using telephone,SMS,Internet and other telecommunication network technology means to make up facts,set up scams,carry out remote and contactless fraud,and defraud public and private property for the purpose of illegal possession.Telecommunication network fraud crime has five characteristics: the diversity of fraud methods,the professionalism of criminal organizations,the high-tech degree of crime,the concealment of criminal methods and the randomness of victims' choice.There are six major types of telecom network fraud cases: network part-time brush fraud,“ pig killing ”fraud,acquaintance fraud,credit card fraud,online shopping transaction fraud and impersonation of public security bureau,procuratorate and court fraud.And this crime could cause many terrible consequences,such as causing serious damage to people's lives and propertied,causing bad value orientation,derivative of other crimes and affecting the credibility of government departments.The second part of this paper is carefully analyzed the data of telecom network fraud cases,the number of all fraud cases in the same period,the number of criminal cases in the same period,the number of telecom network fraud cases solved and the amount of direct economic loss caused by such cases between 2017 and 2019 in N city.From the analysis,we can find that the present situation of telecom network fraud crime,and then shows that the governance effect of this kind of crime is not optimistic.At present,the number of cases of telecom network fraud has continued to rise year by year,which has become the most important type of fraud crime.However,the rate of detection continues to decline,and the number of cases filed formed a huge contrast.The amount of direct economic losses caused by such crimes is rising every year,and the growth rate of economic losses is significantly higher than the number of cases filed.With the government departments to increase governance,criminals by changing the means of crime,upgrading the means of crime to escape arrest,so that the telecom network fraud crime fraud from random fraud to precision fraud evolution,the main crime from domestic to foreign transfer,the transfer mode of fraud funds is gradually changed to the use of third-party payment platform.The third part of the paper points out the main difficulties in the process of dealing with such crimes in the current situation.Through three aspects to elaborate :the people's anti-fraud ability has not been significantly improved;public security organs to investigate telecom network fraud cases when electronic data collection is difficult and foreign criminals arrested difficult to lead to difficult detection;black-gray industrial is an "important accomplice" to crime.The fourth part of the paper analyzes the causes of the difficult situation of telecommunication network fraud crime,specifically including anti-fraud propaganda and education work is not deeply rooted in the people;the traditional mode of handling cases can not be fully applicable to the investigation of telecom network fraud cases;The lack of relevant laws and regulations leads to the lack of legal basis in the management of black-gray industry,telecommunications,banking and other related industry departments in real-name system registration and supervision.The fifth part of this paper puts forward some new measures in the crime management of telecom network fraud.On the basis of enriching the situation and content of anti-fraud propaganda and education,a good social atmosphere of anti-fraud for the whole people is constructed.On this basis,the community police of the public security organ and the community staff organize the secret anti-fraud propaganda network by setting up the police convenience service We Chat group of the community,so that the anti-fraud propagandists and propagandists form a benign interaction,so as to effectively enhance the people's ability to prevent fraud.The police of the public security organs should strengthen the study of professional knowledge and seek the help of other police or external units to make up for the shortcomings of the business.Changing the traditional mode of handling cases of "fighting on their own" for the Ministry of Public Security under the unified command of the "national chess" and building an effective joint strike mechanism with Southeast Asian countries and regions,strictly prevent domestic personnel from committing crimes abroad to shorten the time of handling cases and improve the effectiveness of the crackdown.Finally,from the improvement of the black-gray industry criminal activities on the "public account" crime and joint crime in the "prior conspiracy" identification standards,the implementation of telecommunications enterprises and banking prior,in-process supervision responsibilities to eliminate the black-gray industry crime on the survival of the soil,so that the telecom network fraud crime governance can achieve good results.
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