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The Establishment And Practice Of The Legal Principle Of Equality Between Men And Women In The Period Of The New Democratic Revolution

Posted on:2022-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In modern China,people were influenced by the traditional patriarchal culture,The status of men and women was extremely unequal.In order to change this situation,the Communist Party of China put forward the political proposition of the emancipation of women and equality between men and women.During the period of new democratic revolution,the Communist Party of China took the equality of men and women as a legal principle,which ran through the legal practice.The legal principle of equality between men and women which was established in the period of the new democratic revolution had a specific historical background.The transformation of modern economy,the development of democratic political system and the spread of the idea of freedom and equality promoted the establishment of the principle of equality between men and women to a large extent.The new democratic revolution clearly stipulated the equality between men and women in the constitution,marriage law,land law,labor law and other legal documents,and it gave special protection to women's rights.The formulation and implementation of these legal norms were the symbol of the establishment of the legal principle of equality between men and women,It had produced good social effects.Women's awareness of political participation and marriage autonomy had been enhanced,women were active in all fields of society,which had promoted the consolidation and development of the new democratic revolution.However,the legal principle of equality between men and women in the period of the new democratic revolution had special limitations due to the influence of feudal traditional thought and the limitation of specific era environment,Many legal norms had not been implemented,and there was still a considerable distance between equality in law and equality in practice.It is undeniable that the legal practice of the principle of equality between men and women during the new democratic revolution provided valuable experience for the socialist legislation of equality between men and women,In the early days of the founding of new China,the legislation of men and women basically followed the laws of the new democratic revolution.With the continuous improvement of the legal system,women's rights have been more fully protected by law,but how to realize the real equality between men and women is still a problem to be solved in socialist legislation and judicial practice.
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