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Study On Practice And Enlightenment Of Changing Customs And Habits Of The CPC In The Early Days Of The Founding Of New China

Posted on:2022-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306491996989Subject:Marxism in China
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“The life of a person lies in the vitality,and the length of the country lies in the customs.” Since ancient times,China has had the tradition of observing customs and breaking with old customs.“Customs change as the world changes”,the change of customs can be said to be the normal state of social development.The more the society changes,the more it calls for changing customs.The early days of the founding of New China(1949-1956)was a period of transition from a new democratic society to a socialist society,and it was also a typical period of changing customs and habits.During this period,the Communist Party of China led the people to carry out the socialist revolution,fought resolutely against old customs and bad habits,carried out social transformation from the inside out,and accumulated much practical experience.The study of the practice and experience of the the CPC in the early days of the founding of New China has important enlightenment and valuable reference for the in-depth promotion of the work of changing customs in the new era.The thesis analyzes the important role of culture in social development from the viewpoint of the relative independence of culture in Marxist cultural view.On this basis,this thesis further explores the Marxist classic writers' the thinking of "sublation" towards traditions which provides theoretical support for the feasibility of changing customs.The thesis takes the practice of changing customs and habits of the CPC in the early days of the founding of New China(1949-1956)as the main object of study.Detailed explanations are made on five aspects based on the analysis of the social background and challenges faced by the early days of the founding of New China: campaign about prohibition of prostitution and gambling and drug,strengthening the party spirit and style,breaking feudal superstitions,equalizing women's status,and launching patriotic sanitation campaign.In order to better promote the in-depth development of changing customs,the CPC actively used educational methods to educate people to change outdated ideas and relied on legal means to restrain behavior to strengthen institutional guarantees as well as carried out targeted campaigns to completely eliminate feudal remnants and used cultural construction to create a positive social atmosphere.After changing customs,China's society has taken on a new look.Significant results were achieved in changing customs of the CPC in the early days of the founding of New China.On the one hand,the CPC guided the masses to play a dominant role and stimulated the sense of responsibility of party members to increase motivation for changing customs.On the other hand,the CPC paid more attention to the role of culture,ethos,and education to create healthy atmosphere and promote continuous campaign of changing customs.Changing customs in the new era,we must learn from the beneficial experience of changing customs in the early days of the founding of New China,adhere to the people-centered work orientation,adhere to the work method of reflection and innovation,and adhere to the comprehensive and systematic thinking of work.At the same time,it is necessary to combine the current tasks and base on actual practice to promote the innovation of changing customs.Promote the construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics by changing customs,inherit excellent cultural traditions,discard backward culture,and promote advanced culture,and ensure that socialist culture with Chinese characteristics will always remain scientific and advanced.We will take the change of customs as a way of social governance,deepen the governance of the physical,virtual and spiritual Spaces,and create a clean and upright society.
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