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Study On The Influence Mechanism Of Shared Team Task-Specific Experiences On Fire Brigade Rescue Effectiveness

Posted on:2021-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S E LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306497959019Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The fire brigade is the backbone of emergency rescue in China.With the establishment of comprehensive fire rescue team,it is very important to manage and make good use of the fire brigade.shared team task-specific experiences is a concept of experience segmentation proposed based on the experience of a professional based team,based on the characteristics of its team members and many people completing similar tasks for many times,combined with shared team experience.At present,the research on the experience utilization of fire brigade is still in the initial stage.Although the experience is important,it is not clear how the experience acquired by fire brigade affects the effectiveness of the team.Therefore,based on the experience learning theory and shared mental theory,in the existing research framework of team effectiveness,this paper constructs the impact mechanism of shared team task-specific experience on the effectiveness of fire team rescue,and tries to explore the internal motivation of experience affecting team effectiveness in China's fire teams.First of all,this paper combs the related research of team effectiveness,analyzes the development of its research framework,along with the ideas of I-P-O framework and imoi model,discusses the relationship between team effectiveness and shared team task-specific experiences as input variable.Secondly,considering that the same combat task experience obtained by fire brigade may lead to different team effectiveness performance,the shared mental model is included in the research framework from the perspective of shared mind theory,and the mediating role of shared mental model in the relationship between experience and team effectiveness is discussed.In addition,in order to fully consider the composition characteristics of the fire brigade,this study takes the teamwork time as a moderating variable to investigate the mechanism of the interaction between shared team task-specific experiences and the age of the brigade on the utilization of the experience of the brigade.Finally,based on the research path of " shared team task-specific experiences-shared mental model-team effectiveness",referring to the mature scales at home and abroad,combined with many field surveys of fire brigade,this paper constructs a survey scale,using spss22.0,Amos and other data analysis software carry out hierarchical regression analysis on the collected data,and verify the hypothesis and model proposed in this paper.The results show that: 1)shared team task-specific experiences has a positive impact on rescue effectiveness of fire brigade;2)teammate mental model,task mental model,attitude and belief of teammates play an intermediary role between shared team task-specific experiences and team effectiveness;3)teamwork time regulate the relationship between shared team specific task experience and teammate mental model and task mental model.
Keywords/Search Tags:shared team task-specific experiences, fire brigade, shared mental model, team effectiveness
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