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Research On Rural Revitalization Path In Qinghai Ethnic Areas From The Perspective Of Women Participation

Posted on:2022-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306506480234Subject:Agricultural management
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Women's participation in the rural revitalization strategy in Qinghai ethnic minority areas is an important condition for Qinghai Province to implement the May Fourth Strategy in depth and push forward the "One Excellent and Two High",which closely combines the economic development strategy of the Party and the country.Based on the perspective of women's participation,this paper explores the implementation path of rural revitalization strategy in Qinghai ethnic areas.Through literature research and field investigation,this paper starts from the background and current situation of women's participation in rural revitalization,and finds that women's participation in the implementation of rural revitalization strategy is constrained by feminization of agriculture,poverty of women,shackles of traditional ideas and self-ability.Therefore,it puts forward the following solutions to these problems: First,according to the differences of women groups,choose different participation paths,urban women are suitable to assist rural women from the "periphery",and rural women should enhance their endogenous development momentum;Secondly,revitalizing the rural economy and strengthening women's economic empowerment can stimulate the development potential and creativity of women in Qinghai ethnic areas;Thirdly,the change of women's traditional ideas and the improvement of their overall quality play a vital role in revitalizing the countryside.The main ways are women's self-awareness,sound participation mechanism and innovation of participation mode,etc.Finally,women's participation in the implementation of rural revitalization strategy is not only the objective need of women's development,but also the indispensable backbone in the process of rural comprehensive revitalization,and it is also one of the basic ways to deepen the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural revitalization strategy, women's participation, Qinghai ethnic area
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