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A Study On The Public Service Of S Province Archives After The Reform Of "Separating Archives Bureau From Archives Epositories"

Posted on:2022-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306509471204Subject:Archiving and Museum
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In 2018,China announced the State Council's Institutional Reform Plan,which marks the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the scientific,standardized and efficient system of state functional institutions is the foundation of China's long-term stability.As a national institution,archival institutions also entered the core reform of “separating government from public institutions”.After the reform of “Separating Archives Bureau from Archives Repositories”,the existing archives repositories have entered a preliminary adjustment stage.Based on the public welfare attribute of archives,how to improve public service of archives repositories has become an urgent problem to be solved.This paper first clarifies the seamless government theory and the new public management theory,establishes that the public service is based on the needs of the public,and carries out specific research under the guidance of these theories.Then it introduces the archives of S Province as a specific case,focuses on the analysis of the advantages and necessity of the reform of “Separating Archives Bureau from Archives Repositories”,expounds the current situation of the public service of the archives,and points out the existing problems.According to the results of the questionnaire survey,three dimensions of public service of archives repositories in S Province are determined,namely service space,service content and service mode: service space includes service environment and service object;service content includes archives information type and collection resources;service mode includes offline exhibition activities and online digital archives construction.Through the analysis,it is found that archives repositories are affected by the inertia of the original administrative system.The lack of funds,the slow progress of digital archives,the backward archives service environment and the weak service consciousness of archives staff have all become the obstacles to the public service implementation of archives repositories in S Province.Finally,the paper puts forward the corresponding efficiency strategies of archives public service extension from the four aspects of creating financial conditions,introducing digital technology,improving the archives service environment and strengthening the service consciousness.Guided by the theory of seamless government,this paper comprehensively analyzes the practical obstacles existing in the public service of archives after the reform of “Separating Archives Bureau from Archives Repositories”,and puts forward relevant efficiency strategies.From the theoretical level,it makes a preliminary exploration for the research on the public service of archives institutions after the reform;from the practical level,it provides a strong operational guidance for archives to find out the public service orientation as soon as possible,change the functions of archives,and effectively improve the service level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Separating Archives Bureau from Archives Repositories, Archives Repositories, Public Service, Seamless Government Theory
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