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Research On Incentive Issues And Countermeasures For The Township Cadre Team In L Town,Baoding

Posted on:2022-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306512458434Subject:Public Administration
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To achieve rural revitalization,the position is in the countryside,the core is the leadership of the party,the key lies in talents,and the focus is on strengthening the construction of the township cadre team.As the most basic political organization in our country and the basic level of the party's governance,townships are the vanguard of implementing the strategy of rural revitalization.Township cadres are the backbone of the party at the grass-roots level in rural areas,the backbone of the party's implementation of various policies,and the bridge between the party and the masses for communication and propaganda,and a powerful guarantee for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.Their work performance and service attitude directly affects the realization of the government's prestige and functions.For a long time,problems such as the irrational structure of the township cadre team,the inability to meet the needs of the situation,the difficulty in promotion and mobilization,the imbalance of powers and responsibilities,and the poor work enthusiasm have affected rural revitalization to varying degrees.Therefore,the team of township cadres should be strengthened,and the quality of the township cadre team should be improved.Improving the motivation of the township cadre team,stimulating the vitality of the township cadre team,and building a team of township cadres who understand agriculture,love the countryside and farmers are of great significance to the overall revitalization of the countryside.In this thesis,the research on the incentive of township cadres is carried out under the background of the comprehensive development of the rural revitalization strategy,the basic completion of the reform of township institutions,the implementation of the new "Civil Servants Law",the implementation of the parallel system of civil servant positions and ranks,and the construction of a new socialist countryside with Chinese characteristics in the new era.On the basis of the existing theoretical research results,the author based on the actual operation of the township cadre team,using literature research,survey research,interviews and other research methods,taking L Town of Baoding City as an example,in-depth analysis of the institutional setting and establishment of L Town.From the structure of gender,age,educational background,working years,and home location,the author introduced the current situation of the cadre team in L town and the incentive measures adopted by the township cadre team.It is found that there are problems in the incentive of township cadres in L town,which are manifested in six aspects: poor matching of personnel and posts,unstable cadre team,weak governance ability,insufficient salary incentives,poor promotion flow,and insufficient assessment and incentives;the reason lies in the backward incentive concept,the imperfect incentive system,the lack of incentive means,and limited by township conditions.Proposed corresponding feasible countermeasures,the first is to scientifically build a system for selecting and appointing person.Including ensuring that cadres are adequately established,broadening the channels for attracting talents,and exploring the competitive recruitment of cadres.The second is to maintain the stability of the township cadre team.Including setting certain years of service,deepening the reform of township institutions,and implementing the caring system.The third is to make every effort to promote the building of cadre governance capabilities.Including ideological and political construction,work style construction,and ability construction.The fourth is to improve the salary incentive system.Including raising the wage level of township cadres,implementing a differentiated salary system,and improving the distribution of bonuses and benefits.The fifth is to unblock the communication channels for promotion of cadres.Including strict selection and promotion procedures,strengthening political incentives,and establishing a cadre exchange system.The sixth is to improve the cadre assessment and supervision management mechanism.Including the establishment of a scientific assessment mechanism,a strict cadre daily management system,and strengthening of cadre supervision and restraint.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural revitalization, Township cadres, Team building, Incentive
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