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Study On Performance Evaluation To Fire Squadron Political Instructors Team On The Basis Of Balanced Scorecard

Posted on:2020-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306515484614Subject:Public Management
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In 2018,China's fire department underwent institutional reform,changing from the original Active Public Security Forces to a government functional department under Ministry of Emergency Management.The reform not only drives the fire rescue team more professional and standardized,but also provides new requirements and direction for fire work development.Withthis background,it is necessary to construct the performance evaluation system of political instructors in fire rescue teams,which is compatible with the new situation,so as to promote the further development of ideological and political education in fire rescue teams.In the way of enterprise performance evaluation,the performance evaluation system based on balanced scorecard is a relatively mature and successful performance evaluation system.Applying this kind of performance evaluation system to the individual performance evaluation of the political instructors of the fire rescue team will improve the overall performance of the political instructors of the fire brigade.Combining with fire rescue team political instructor's work reality in GX area,and starting from the monthly performance evaluation,quarterly supervision assessment,focus year-end assessment of the political instructor's performance evaluation system of fire brigade,it was found that the performance evaluation system needed to be improved on five aspects of evaluation index,evaluation method,evaluation forms,evaluation feedback and evaluation complaint.After an in-depth analysis of the above problems,combined the research results of government departments' construction of performance evaluation model based on balanced scorecard,the construction of a new personal performance evaluation system for political instructors based on balanced scorecard was proposed from the perspective of mission,values,vision and strategy,and through specific evaluation,the performance management assumptions of political instructors was quantified.Therefore,the author modified the basic model of balanced scorecard,through replacing the customer dimension with the commander and fighter dimension,a balanced scorecard-based personal performance evaluation system for the GX district fire and rescue team was initially constructed.According to the logical thinking of theoretical basis,problem raising,problem analysis,problem solving,problem reflection and safeguard measures,the author comprehensively introduced the research and system construction ideas through literature research method,Delphi method,expert assignment method and other research methods,which not only provided reference for grassroots fire departments and even superior fire departments to evaluate the performance of political instructors and reform the performance management system,but also provided ideas for the broader application of the performance evaluation model based on balanced scorecard in fire rescue detachment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fire rescue team, Political instructors of the fire rescue team, Balanced scorecard, Personal performance evaluation system
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