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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Rural Women's Participation In Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2022-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306524483534Subject:Marxist theory
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Since ancient times,China has been a large agricultural country,and issues concerning agriculture,rural areas and farmers have always been the top priority in the work of the whole Party.As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era,the stage goal of rural development in China has been developed from the construction of new socialist countryside to rural revitalization.The formulation and proposal of the rural revitalization strategy has pointed out the right direction for the development of China's rural areas in the next few decades.In today's rural society,more and more young men go to cities to make a living.Rural women take the lead and become the backbone of rural development.The active participation of rural women in the rural revitalization strategy is closely related to the future development of rural areas.The general requirement of rural revitalization strategy is to achieve "prosperous industries,effective governance,civilized local customs,ecological livability and rich life".Rural women,as the promoters of the prosperity of rural industries,the implementators of effective governance,the advocates of rural customs and civilization,the builders of ecological livability and the creators of a well-off life,should fully participate in rural economic construction,political construction,cultural construction,ecological construction and social construction,and make contributions in all these five aspects.This paper selects Jinzhong Village,Xingwen County,Sichuan Province as the research site,and analyzes the current situation of rural women's participation in rural revitalization through questionnaire survey and field interview.Through the analysis of the current situation,it can be seen that the main characteristics of rural women's participation in rural revitalization are as follows: the participation content is comprehensive,the participation forms are diverse,and the participation scale is large.At the same time,preliminary achievements have been made in the participation of rural women in rural revitalization at the present stage,namely,their economic status has been improved,their willingness to develop has been strengthened,and their scope of activities has been expanded.However,there are still the following problems in rural women's participation in rural revitalization: lack of motivation to participate,weak awareness of participation,lax participation behavior,and lack of participation ability.The reasons include four aspects: the restriction of economic development level,the constraint of traditional cultural concepts,the inadequacy of grass-roots women's federations and the influence of women's own quality.Therefore,the promotion of rural women's participation in rural revitalization strategy should be made from four aspects: economy,culture,women's federation organization and education.On the economic front,we will develop local economy through such channels as developing characteristic industries in accordance with local conditions,encouraging and supporting women to start their own businesses,and accelerating the integrated development of rural industries,so as to provide financial guarantee for women's participation.In terms of culture,we should build a harmonious and inclusive rural culture by strengthening rural gender cultural education,enriching rural cultural and entertainment life,and paying attention to the positive guidance of mass media,so as to create a good atmosphere for women's participation.In terms of women's federations,it provides organizational guarantee for women's participation by giving full play to the ideological,organizational and humanistic role of grass-roots women's federations.In terms of education,women's quality-oriented education has been strengthened and women's participation capacity has been enhanced by attaching importance to girls' basic education,increasing women's health education,and developing women's vocational education and lifelong education.In general,this paper studies the problems and countermeasures of rural women's participation in rural revitalization,which can not only take this opportunity to attract more people's attention to rural women as a special group,but also pay attention to the specific situation of the implementation of rural revitalization strategy in rural areas,which has a certain humanistic concern and practical significance.
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