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Research On The Government Function In The Development Of E-Commerce In Xuzhou

Posted on:2022-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306533465444Subject:Public Management
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In recent years,China's e-commerce industry maintains a trend of rapid growth,and the scale of industrial transactions continues to increase.With the development of Internet economy,e-commerce has obtained unprecedented development opportunities.Under the guidance of the government and the market,it has made great progress and development,and has become a new driving force for China's economic growth.In order to further promote the continuous upgrading of industrial economy and promote the healthy and rapid development of the city's economy,Xuzhou municipal government vigorously promotes the development of e-commerce industry.Firstly,this paper studies the core concepts of e-commerce and government functions,and makes clear the necessity and importance of government functions in the development of e-commerce.Secondly,it studies the theory of public management,and chooses the public choice theory,government intervention market theory and industrial policy theory to analyze the problems and summarize the conclusions of the paper.Then it summarizes the domestic and foreign countries and cities Finally,through the analysis of the development of Xuzhou e-commerce industry,this paper summarizes the role of Xuzhou government in promoting the development of e-commerce,and designs the questionnaire and interview outline combined with the actual situation,trying to explore the role of government functions in the development of e-commerce.In order to promote the further development of e-commerce in Xuzhou,this paper puts forward the corresponding improvement plan.Through the analysis,the existing problems of Xuzhou government in promoting the development of e-commerce are as follows: the coordination mechanism of coordinating the development of e-commerce is not perfect,the matching degree of industrial support policies and the needs of e-commerce enterprises is not high,the agglomeration effect of e-commerce regional planning has not yet formed,the cultivation and attraction ability of e-commerce talents is insufficient,and the traditional industries and enterprises are guided to turn to electricity The transformation of sub business industry is insufficient.The reasons for the problems are as follows: the government and functional departments do not have a good understanding,the industrial development support system is not perfect,the performance evaluation of industrial policy is not clear,and the government information management ability is not perfect.This paper makes a systematic analysis on how to improve the government functions in the development of Xuzhou's e-commerce industry,and puts forward some specific countermeasures and suggestions from three aspects: optimizing the development environment of e-commerce industry,improving the support system of e-commerce industry,and supporting the development of the main advantages of e-commerce industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-commerce(Electronic commerce), Industrial development, Government function
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