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Research On Emergency Logistics Distribution Problems Under Natural Disasters In Y City

Posted on:2022-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the global climate has changed tremendously,the ecological environment has become worse and worse,and various natural disasters have occurred frequently,causing unpredictable casualties and economic losses to the people and governments of all countries.Natural disasters with varying degrees of impact erupt every year in Y city.The development of early post-disaster rescue activities and the aftermath require a large amount of supplies.However,whether it is in the emergency logistics organization system or in the distribution of emergency materials,there are still some in Y city.The shortcomings need to be improved urgently.Therefore,this thesis will mainly study the emergency logistics and distribution of Y city under natural disaster events.First of all,this thesis starts with relevant basic theories such as natural disasters,emergency logistics,and emergency distribution,and then analyzes the overview of emergency logistics,natural disaster events and emergency logistics management in Y city,and finds that city Y has frequent natural disasters and heavy losses,and it is in emergency logistics.There are still many problems in the distribution,such as the lack of specialized emergency logistics institutions,the incomplete emergency logistics distribution system,and the lack of scientificity in the distribution links.Therefore,on the basis of elaborating on the organization structure and its functions and responsibilities under the major natural disasters in Y City,the distribution process of the additional emergency material reserve and distribution department was optimized,and the distribution optimization principle was formulated for the emergency logistics of Y City,and the design Y city natural disaster emergency logistics distribution optimization plan.Secondly,according to the distribution optimization design plan,a natural disaster emergency logistics positioning-path optimization model considering "island" disaster relief points is constructed to improve the scenario of emergency logistics distribution optimization.This thesis combines the actual purpose of material distribution after the disaster,comprehensively considers the capacity limitation of the distribution center,time limit,the demand of disaster relief points,and different transportation means,and builds multiple distribution centers and multiple disaster relief points with the shortest overall delivery time and the lowest overall cost.It also designs a multi-objective optimization hybrid particle swarm genetic algorithm to solve the problem.Finally,based on the background of emergency distribution under natural disasters in Y city,the model and algorithm constructed by analysis are simulated and applied to solve the selection of emergency logistics distribution center and the corresponding route arrangement under the background of natural disasters.Besides,in order to ensure timely delivery,relevant guarantee mechanisms and measures are proposed to provide certain references for actual emergency logistics work in Y city.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emergency Logistics, Distribution Optimization, Natural Disaster, Location-Path Problem, Hybrid Particle Swarm Genetic Algorithm
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