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Study On Rural Grass-Roots Party Building Leading Rural Revitalization Path

Posted on:2021-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The strategy of rural revitalization is to give backward and developing villages and towns an opportunity to advance.With the gradual saturation of the development of large cities,the development of surrounding villages,the introduction of talents and technology,the improvement of rural vitality and the implementation of various infrastructure will give relief to the cities,broaden the boundaries of the cities and release the high-pressure situation of the cities.At the same time,it also creates more jobs for more farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich.Rural grass-roots party building as the leader of rural revitalization,play the role of backbone,is the organizer and commander of rural development.Therefore,through the rural grass-roots party building to lead the rural revitalization is the development of backward township rigid demand.Zeya Town is a beautiful scenery,beautiful landscape treasure,known as "West Yandang" reputation,or the national 4A-class scenic spots,but also has a rich natural and cultural heritage.In accordance with the requirements of "one village,one product "," one village,one scene"," one village,one rhyme ",Zeya Town speeds up the layout of characteristic industries and the establishment of A-level scenic spots and villages,and creates " drunken Meizeya Guyun Paper Mountain " and " poem painting Zeya Qijun's hometown " two rural revitalization demonstration belt construction,highlighting the characteristics of " small town " and the charm of Yaya Town,through field investigation and case analysis,fully shows Yaya Zeya Town rural grass-roots party building leading rural revitalization of the results achieved.Summarize the Chinese plan for grassroots party organizations to lead the rural revitalization path: closely follow the needs of the people,take rural governance as the starting point,and always adhere to the party's all-round guidance for rural revitalization;Strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations and implement comprehensive and strict governance of the party in rural revitalization;Give full play to the demonstration effect of grassroots party members and cadres in rural revitalization and speed up the pace of rural revitalization.This paper takes Zeya town as an example to explore the path of rural grassroots party building leading rural revitalization.This paper is divided into five parts: the first part is the introduction,which discusses the problem and research significance,research status,research ideas and methods in detail,and explains the innovation and shortcomings of this study;the second part is the related concepts and theoretical basis,which summarizes the connotation of rural grass-roots party construction and the related content of Rural Revitalization;the third part is the content of rural grass-roots party construction The task and current situation of rural grass-roots party building under the strategy of Village revitalization are analyzed.It emphasizes the importance of leading the party building in Rural Revitalization in the new era,puts forward the new requirements of Rural Revitalization for grass-roots party building,and analyzes the current situation of grass-roots party building in Rural Revitalization of Zeya town.The fourth part is the main practice of leading the Rural Revitalization by rural grass-roots party building in Zeya Town,and gives a detailed overview of the current situation of rural grass-roots party building in Zeya town The fifth part is to summarize the experience and lessons of "party building in rural areas" and "party building in rural areas".
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural revitalization strategy, grass-roots party building, demonstration belt construction
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