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Research On Problems And Countermeasures Of Performance Appraisal In High Tech Zone Of J City

Posted on:2022-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z F XingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306746997569Subject:Trade Economy
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High tech industrial development zones are "experimental fields" for reform,innovation and development.Since the 18 th CPC National Congress,with the deepening of system and mechanism reform,the high tech Zone has accelerated the pace of reform in the field of management system innovation.Exploring and trying the employment system and performance appraisal system have become new hotspots of reform and innovation,and achieved a number of enlightening and constructive results in practice,effectively improving administrative efficiency,This is of great significance to the formation of a new governance model of national high-tech zones.The reform is not achieved overnight.At present,the performance appraisal of high-tech zones is still in the exploratory stage,and there are still many problems and shortcomings,which are prominently reflected in standardization and standardization.Adhering to innovation driven development is not only the fundamental requirement for the high-tech zone to deepen reform,but also the magic weapon for the high-tech zone to win on the road of exploring a new governance model.This requires us to keep up with the pace of policies,adhere to problem orientation,and continuously optimize and improve the application of performance appraisal in high tech zones.Based on the above ideas and objectives,this paper mainly uses research methods such as qualitative research,questionnaire survey and data statistical analysis,takes defining the basic concepts and theoretical support in the field of performance management as the starting point,studies the main problems and causes existing in the implementation of performance appraisal in J high tech Zone,and puts forward specific countermeasures and suggestions.The full text includes eight chapters.The first chapter is the introduction;The second chapter is the related concepts and theoretical basis;The third and fourth chapters comb and summarize the performance appraisal system of high tech Zone in J City,and deeply analyze the current situation combined with the questionnaire survey results,so as to lay a foundation for exploring the root causes of the problems;The fifth chapter analyzes the main aspects and specific manifestations of the problem;The sixth chapter analyzes the main causes of the problems;The seventh chapter puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to optimize the performance appraisal system of J City high tech Zone;The eighth chapter is the conclusion and prospect.Research shows that the effect of performance appraisal in improving performance is very obvious.Since 2016,the high tech Zone of J city has established a multi-level performance appraisal system of "Management Committee Department individual" based on key performance indicators,which has played a positive role in stimulating energy and vitality and promoting regional economic and social development.With the deepening of reform and innovation and the optimization and adjustment of policies,the performance appraisal system of J high tech Zone is still being explored and improved.Facing the existing shortcomings and deficiencies,we must adhere to problem orientation and systematic thinking,take the standardization and standardization of performance appraisal as the goal,and improve performance appraisal from the system and concept.In terms of system construction,we need to focus on the establishment and improvement of index dynamic adjustment mechanism,performance appraisal and guidance mechanism and department coordination and cooperation mechanism;In terms of concept,we should pay attention to the cultivation of performance culture;On the specific path,by establishing the assessment and training system,expanding the source of performance information,deepening process reengineering and simplifying the assessment procedures,we can build a more scientific and effective performance assessment system,accurately grasp the concept of performance management,promote the gradual transformation of performance assessment to comprehensive performance management,and lay the foundation for exploring the new governance model of national high-tech zones.
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