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Research On Rural Women's Development Under The Background Of Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2022-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M S YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306758493214Subject:Agriculture Economy
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As China is a large agricultural country,the issues concerning agriculture,rural areas and farmers are particularly important in the work of the Whole Party.The 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposed the rural revitalization strategy,which is based on the systematic layout and long-term planning of the work related to agriculture,rural areas and farmers under the new economic and social changes in China,and is of great significance to guiding and deepening the development of the work related to agriculture,rural areas and farmers in the new era.The key to rural revitalization is to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in rural construction.Rural women account for half of the rural population,which is an important force to promote rural economic and social development and an indispensable human resource to achieve rural revitalization.Rural revitalization and rural women's development are mutually promoting and complementary.Under the guidance of marxist women's liberation theory,this paper uses systematic analysis method,comparative analysis method and other research methods to study the development of rural women in accordance with the historical background of rural revitalization.The introduction part of the paper mainly discusses the background and research significance of rural women's development in the context of rural revitalization,and draws lessons from previous discussions,from the necessity of rural women's participation in rural revitalization,the important role of rural women's participation in rural construction,the reasons affecting rural women's participation in rural construction and the realization of four aspects of the research overview;Then,on the basis of clarifying the connotation of rural revitalization and women's development,the relationship between rural revitalization and women's development is analyzed,and the theoretical and practical significance of rural women's development is clarified.And from two aspects of classical Marxist women's theory and Sinicized Marxist women's theory to find the theoretical basis to support the development of rural women.In understanding on the basis of relevant theories from the countryside to improve women's economic status,political consciousness distinct enhancement,relative improve cultural quality,perfecting the social security,self worth five aspects of progress,but also in the process of developing the review,is mainly involved in the economic construction role play does not reach the designated position,The overall level of participation in politics needs to be improved,the participation in the construction of local customs and civilization is not paid enough attention,and the service of women's federations at the grass-roots level needs to be strengthened.Finally,the paper discusses the implementation path of promoting rural women's development from the aspects of creating a good employment environment,especially improving the rural public service system,boosting rural women's participation in rural governance,laying a solid foundation for the construction of rural culture and civilization,improving the women's federation of talents and financial security,etc.Women's development has always been the focus of the party and the country,the rural women's overall development progress is the efforts of the party and the country has long been a target,the innovation of this paper is to develop rural women in rural revitalization is analyzed in this particular historical background,focus on rural women's development,fully understand the factors hindering the research on the rural women play a role and put forward the corresponding countermeasures.In order to stimulate rural women to participate in the revitalization of rural vitality,to promote the maximum extent of women groups in rural revitalization advantages play,not only to accelerate the realization of rural revitalization,but also to promote the overall development of rural women,the harmonious and stable development of national society have important practical significance.
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