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The Identification Of Super Platform Abuse Market Dominance

Posted on:2022-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306764488754Subject:Economy Law
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In the past decade,some platforms have evolved into a super platform with the rapid development of the digital economy,and the super platform has also damaged the digital economic transformation and the competition order,relying on the advantages established in data,algorithms,financial resources,etc.The ecosystem implements cross-market competition behavior and has become the hotspots of current platform economic anti-monopoly regulation.The super platform not only constructs platform ecosystems to implement cross-market competition,but also uses control of platform and data to obtain integrated market dominance.The difficulty of abused domination is recognized,and the traditional identification method of the industrial economy is discomfort in the identification concept,and there is an improper,exposed lag,and non-consolidation.If the standard determined by the traditional method is abused the standard standard,it will lead to a predicament of the super platform abuse to be in trouble,and there is difficult to define the relevant market and market share.It does not have dominance in adjacent markets.It is really harmed problems such as market competition.In order to avoid the harm of the super platform abuse of dominance to the number of competition in digital market,innovation and consumer interests,need to improve the identification standard for the abuse of the super platform abuse.First,in the identification concept,the concept of ecological monopoly is introduced,and the attention to the super platform cross-market competition is raised,and the concept of multivariate value protection is established.Second,improve the relevant market definition method applicable to the multilateral market in the identification method,reducing the market share as the weight of the measurement of the super platform dominance;improving the problem of market entry,the proportion of consumer preferences,financial conditions,and performing the need for new methods Constructing to consider whether the super platform has dominant,introducing reasonable principles in the illegal identification of super platform abuse.Taking this to optimize the identification concept and identification standards for super platform dominance,realize the regulation of super platform abused status behavior to ensure the continued healthy development of digital economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:super platform, platform ecosystem, abuse of dominance
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