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Research On Electronic Data Forensics In Telecom Fraud Crime

Posted on:2022-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Telecom fraud crime is a major cancer in today's society,showing the characteristics of cross-border,chain,wide coverage,many victims and diverse forms,so the traditional methods are difficult to combat such crimes.In view of the crime of telecommunication fraud,we should prescribe the right medicine,through the combination of law and technology,start with electronic data forensics,and crack down on the root of the crime of telecommunication fraud.However,in the practice of electronic data forensics,the difficulty of application and forensics is the main reason for effectively cracking down on the crime of telecommunication fraud,and the problem of electronic data forensics needs to be studied.This paper mainly uses the methods of literature research,comparative analysis and empirical analysis to analyze the electronic data forensics in telecommunication fraud cases from the legal and technical perspectives.Through this study,the following conclusions are drawn:Electronic data in telecommunications fraud crime has the characteristics of diversification of storage medium,large number and variety,complex related content,vulnerable to tampering and damage.The diversity of its characteristics has caused a series of problems in the forensics process.Through sorting out the principles and basic processes of electronic data forensics,there are two modes of forensics : one is online forensics,mainly the process of investigators obtaining electronic data at the scene of telecom fraud crime,and fixing it to obtain evidence;the other is remote forensics,which means investigators use computer technology in the network mode to mine and monitor the network fraud traces of criminal suspects.Of course,in the development of big data era,the forensics method of telecom fraud crime also has its own characteristics,usually using information flow and capital flow to analyze the relevant electronic data involved.These two methods analyze the crime process of fraud by criminal suspects in detail,and comb the flow of fraud funds and the locking of criminal suspects' identity,so as to obtain criminal evidence.In the analysis of some telecommunication fraud cases,it is found that there are some problems in electronic data forensics,such as the difficulty of fixing electronic data,the difficulty of preserving electronic data,the inconsistency of forensics standards and the backwardness of electronic data forensics technology and equipment.On the basis of the above problems,combined with various research results and theoretical analysis,suggestions and measures are put forward to improve electronic data fixation and preservation,determine unified standards,improve forensics technology and equipment.The research of this paper provides certain theoretical basis and practical guidance for the forensics of electronic data in the crime of telecommunication fraud,hoping to promote the application of electronic data in judicial forensics,improve the ability and level of forensics personnel in the crime of telecommunication fraud,and also hope that multi-departments can form a joint attack to effectively control the crime of telecommunications fraud and maintain social stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecom fraud, electronic data, evidence collection, capital flow, data flow
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