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Current Situation Of Telecom Network Fraud Crime And The Way To Improve Governance ——Is Inspired By Anti-fraud Practice And Questionnaire Survey

Posted on:2022-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306770976379Subject:Criminal Law
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While technology and Internet technology bring great convenience to people's life,it also brings the "vigorous rise" of telecom network fraud.According to statistics,with the help of telecommunications network technology to implement fraud crime cases have been close to half of all criminal cases,and this trend is still accelerating the trend of evolution.However,at present,the telecom network fraud crime and anti-telecom network fraud crime or an asymmetric battle,the inflection point has not yet arrived.At present,we have little personalized analysis and research on various ways and means of telecom and network fraud,especially the lack of categorical research based on accurate data.The first part of this paper describes the concept and characteristics of telecom network fraud,telecom network fraud is the perpetrators of the telecommunications network equipment as a medium,through highly attractive and provocative words and tricks,not specific victims of fraud,defrauding victims of money criminal activities.This kind of criminal behavior not only has the characteristics of non-contact,strong concealment and fast iteration,but also has the characteristics of domestic and foreign collusion,collectivization operation and fast transfer of stolen money.The destructive power of crime is unprecedented.This part also according to the Ministry of Public Security on the standard classification of telecom network fraud,summed up 12 kinds of telecom network fraud in the country and Nanchang city of the current situation and characteristics of the case,analyzed the methods and means of these telecom network fraud crime.The second part of this paper expounds the status and harm of telecom network fraud from five aspects.No matter in the degree of harm,damage intensity,impact depth and other aspects of telecom network fraud are different from any criminal form in history,social order and people's life and property safety and national image have caused great damage.The third part of this paper analyzes the problems existing in the current governance of telecom network fraud.At present,the level of the public security organs is not high,there are loopholes in the construction of the legal system,the form of anti-fraud propaganda and not very good into the hearts of the masses into the masses of the brain,the disclosure of citizens' personal information is serious,and even the reasons of the victims themselves,etc.,the fight against,governance of telecommunications network fraud in the post of the comprehensive failure.These problems interweave and catalyze each other,resulting in telecom network fraud potential such as a flood rampage.According to the governance difficulties and difficulties of telecom network fraud,combined with the data and conclusions of the survey,the fourth part of this paper puts forward targeted countermeasures.Strengthen comprehensive management,enlarge and strengthen the anti-fraud team of the public security organs,improve the fighting ability of the public security organs;Improve the construction of legal system,the telecommunications network fraud crime into the upstream crime of money laundering,optimize the legal weapons against telecommunications network fraud;Increase the share of civil liability that banks,financial institutions and telecom operators need to bear in telecom network fraud cases;In particular,we will continue to cut off the "two cards" and control mobile phone cards and bank cards from the source.Through these measures to reduce the incidence of cases,reduce losses.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecom network fraud, Bank financial institutions, Telecom operating enterprises, Money laundering
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