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Different Intensity Exhaustive Exercise On Rats' Kidney Effects Of Autophagy

Posted on:2016-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Autophagy is a vital basic phenomenon that widely exists in eukaryotic cells,Autophagy has high conservation,is one of the significant physiological mechanisms to maintain intracellular homeostasis.Lack of growth factors,increased of exercise,oxygen free radicals,cellular aging and damaged will induced autophagy.Autophagy is a dynamic process:the first is the aging,denatured proteins and damaged organelles within the cell enveloped by membrane structure,then turn into autophagic vacuoles and fusion with lysosomes,eventually autophagy degraded intracellular materials(organelles,proteins,etc)and release energy.Autophagy is a"double-edged sword",appropriate activation of autophagy play a protective role,but excessive activation of autophagy will trigger opposite effect.The kidney is not only vital of excretory organs,but has secretory function,and plurality of inherently cells existed in it,these cells are involved in the formation of renal fibrosis.In the fibrosis,the integrity and changes of function of inherently cells are related to the occurrence of kidney disease.Autophagy degraded intracellular materials into energy and maintained intracellular homeostasis.With the well study of autophagy,effects of exercise training on the metabolism of body can be used to explain phenomena.More and more experts and scholars in the field of exercise science concerned exercise and autophagy.Objective:this research was intended to rat exhaustive exercise at different intensity changes of biochemical indexes in rats,Autophagy-related gene protein expression and examine kidney pathological changes of kidney in confirmed HE staining Autophagy,discuss the role of Autophagy in exhaustive exercise,further elaboration of different intensity exhaustive exercise on renal mechanism of Autophagy.According to the numbers of autophagosomes and activity can affect the degradation of proteins,as well as premature aging,cancer,diabetes and other diseases are closely linked and look forward to using more appropriate exercise and appropriate level of regulation of Autophagy,later went on to explore the exercise intervention and mitigation of Autophagy-related illness,reasonable arrangement of the training intensity and time to provide some references.Method:clean SD 24 healthy female rats,according to the weight,were randomly divided into 4 groups:control group(group a),high strength exhausted Group(Group g),medium intensity exhaustive Group(Group Z),low-intensity exhaustive Group(Group d).Quiet control group(a,group),not for ran movement,movement group daily according to different strength for force Draconis movement,big rat for ran movement:d group low strength force Draconis movement:10m/min,0 degrees,movement to force Draconis,records movement time;z group in the strength force Draconis movement:20m/min,0 degrees,movement to force Draconis,records movement time;g group high strength force Draconis movement:30m/min,0 degrees,movement to force Draconis,records movement time.Through the indexes of spectrophotometer determination of renal function in rats serum creatinine,blood urea nitrogen concentration and analysis;see four groups of kidney tissue through a microscope HE staining,judge injury by RT-PCR in determination of renal cell Autophagy-related gene Beclin-1 and the relative expression of LC3.Results:?Serum creatinine concentrations in rats of different intensity exercise group,d,z,g group San group with a quiet group.Group d was significantly higher compared with the group a(P<0.05);z group compared with the group a very significantly increased(P<0.01);g group compared with the group rose significantly,with very significant difference(P<0.01).Compared with d,z Group increased significantly with significant differences(P<0.05);group g rose greatly,with very significant difference(P<0.01).Compare z and g group,also have a significant difference(P<0.05).Serum urea nitrogen in Group d,z,g group compared with a group of three groups,concentration increased trends,group g increase is most evident in highly significant differences(P<0.01),in Group g of urea nitrogen was significantly higher than the z Group(P<0.01),z group was significantly higher than the d Group(P<0.01).?Through optical microscope observation HE staining each group big rat kidney organization morphology changes:normal control group(a,group)kidney ball organization structure normal,no degeneration,no edema and congestive,kidney ball and kidney small tube and between mass organization structure clearly visible,far,and near district kidney small tube of epithelial cell,size same and arranged neatly,between mass also no fibrous tissue hyperplasia;in d group,and z group,and g group visible kidney ball occurred degeneration,edema,has Gore phenomenon;kidney small tube arranged disorder,tube wall from and fracture kidney small SAC disappeared,Lot of fibrous tissue hyperplasia is filled with inflammatory cells and renal tubular epithelial cell brush border,irregularly,and some have even started out;renal tubular cavity of the tube is a variety of irregular shapes and alternate and Medulla cortex and Medulla find hyperchromatic nuclei and condensation phenomena.?Of different intensity exercise group(d,z group,group g),these three groups of Beclinl expression levels were significantly increased compared with group a,and group g rose significantly compared with the d Group(P<0.01)and z and d group compared to Beclinl levels are rising,as well as group g with the z group,which increased(P<0.05).For different strength movement in the Group(d group,and z group,and g group)for,three a force Draconis movement group and quiet control group(a,group)has significantly differences((P<0.01),and from Figure 3-6 of changes situation known,g group is greater than z group,z group is greater than d group,g group and significantly is greater than d group of protein LC3 of expression volume.Conclusion:? Exhaustive exercise or excessive exercise can lead to significant rise in serum creatinine,blood urea nitrogen,rendering trends,especially in the high-strength Group increased the maximum,and each group had statistically significant.? Effects of exhaustive exercise on morphology of rat kidney larger Glomerular expanded shape changes,renal tubular injury and appears different tube types,a lot of giant salivary cells and lymphocytes appears,accompanied by inflammation.Edema and degeneration of aging occurs in renal tubular epithelial cells,interstitial space increased renal interstitial fibrosis.?Exhaustive exercise Beclinl,LC3 relative expression levels significantly increased,suggesting that renal elevated levels of Autophagy and autophagic activity increases with the intensity of it.
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