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Student Satisfaction Survey Report On MBA Program Of A University In Shanghai

Posted on:2017-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507305966956129Subject:Public management
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In higher education system which is indispensable for social structure,higher education is an important public service offered by universities,while university operation and management is a significant part of public management.Currently,the quality of MBA program education in universities has evolved into an important indicator whereby students and the society judge the attraction of universities,and course quality constitutes the core of the quality of MBA program education in universities.Nevertheless,how to evaluate the quality of MBA program education in universities? Since students are the key stakeholders of higher education,emphasis on students' satisfaction with MBA program plays a vital role in mapping out strategic plans and proposing improvement decisions on MBA program.Based on the data from the student satisfaction survey of an MBA program in Shanghai Jiaotong University,a research is implemented on student's evaluation about the course program from various aspects,such as student's constitutive characteristics,and their satisfaction with curriculum,teaching,and practical teaching of an MBA program in Shanghai Jiaotong University.In the research process,the factors influencing student's satisfaction are determined through correlation analysis,factor analysis,variance analysis,regression analysis,and structural equation modeling.The findings show that student satisfaction with MBA program reaches a high level,and student's constitutive characteristics have no influence on the overall course satisfaction.In addition,students express relatively high satisfaction with curriculum,followed by teaching,and student satisfaction with practical teaching remains at a low level.Factor analysis proves that there are three mainly factors influencing student's overall satisfaction,i.e.,course innovation,teaching interaction,and teacher's diligence.On this basis,students are encouraged to involve themselves in "Entrepreneurship Competition" by dint of experiment with the purpose of improving the satisfaction with course innovation.According to the comparison between experimental group and control group,experiment can contribute remarkably to heightening overall student satisfaction.Student high satisfaction has given recognition to the achievement of the program from micro perspective since its establishment.As freshmen make their appearance and the courses develop further,students will gradually increase their expectation and the degree of satisfaction will also change.The evaluation based on student satisfaction can help universities understand student's demands.The timely transformation of these needs into actual educational services,as well as the improvement in the quality of MBA program education in universities,can provide not only a basis for universities to optimize course teaching but also references for educational departments to set out relevant policies and regulations.In this way,higher-quality applied and versatile talents will be fostered for the society.
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