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Research On The Current Situation Of Mathematics Thinking Ability And Training Strategies For Primary School Students

Posted on:2020-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306044955669Subject:Master of Education
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The mathematical thinking ability of students in the upper primary school grade is the stage of rapid development.The level of students' mathematical thinking ability is directly related to the students' mathematics achievements,which affects the students' lifelong development.How to cultivate students' mathematical thinking ability in the mathematics teaching of this section should be an important issue for all primary school mathematics teachers.With the guidance of literature research and related theories,this research combines the experience of first-line education of researchers for more than ten years,and takes the mathematics thinking ability of the upper primary school students with the XX primary school senior students and the mathematics teachers engaged in the higher grade teaching.This study investigates the current situation of the cultivation of mathematics thinking ability of upper primary school students.The survey found that: in the development of mathematics intuition thinking ability of the upper primary school students,there are problems such as the lack of teacher teaching and the actual life,the lack of intuitive thinking ability to cultivate the situation,and the single mode of mathematics intuition thinking.In the process of training,there are some problems in the mathematics image thinking ability of the upper primary school students,such as the misunderstanding of mathematics image thinking,the lack of using of teaching aids in the cultivation of image thinking,the unclear teaching objectives and the unclear teaching objectives.In the training of mathematics logical thinking ability of the upper primary school students,there is a lack of mathematical logic for teachers.The emphasis on the cultivation of thinking ability,neglecting the inherent logical connection of mathematics.After analysis of the causes of these problems,we propose: seeking source expansion,promoting the development of mathematical intuition thinking ability;universal law,improving the ability of mathematical image thinking;broadening the sky,developing mathematical logic thinking and other countermeasures.It is expected that the peers will pay more attention to the cultivation of primary school students' mathematics thinking ability and promote the development of primary school students' mathematics thinking ability training research knowledge.
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