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Research On The Cooperative Education In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2021-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2507306113967359Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideological and political education in colleges and universities to promote collaborative education,gathering system between the elements within the active synergy together is the current of higher school ideological and political education is facing great realistic task,the task should be coordinated to solve what specific aspects,such as how to effectively carry out collaborative problem,thus advancing the actual effect of ideological and political education work,the pertinence and affinity.In this article,therefore,marxist philosophy,education and other subjects,on the basis of theoretical resources,using methods such as literature research,systems analysis and investigation method,studies the current situation of the cooperative education of colleges and universities at home and abroad,found the deficiency of existing research at present academia,on the basis of researching this article,on the five most systematically explored.The first part is the introduction,which aims at expounding a series of problems such as the reasons,ideas and methods for carrying out the research in this paper.On the basis of explaining the research background,purpose and significance and reviewing the research status in China and abroad,this paper introduces the main ideas and main contents,and explains the research methods of this paper.The second part is to fully explore the theoretical and practical basis of collaborative education in Colleges and Universities,the main solving why can and must carry out the cooperative education problems,mainly the marxist theory,theory of education,and other theoretical results for collaborative education in colleges and universities in the field of study will provide theoretical guidance,and the realization of the Chinese dream,the boost of institutions of higher learning education cause,and the need of the reality of college students all-round development and collaborative education provides a realistic basis for colleges and universities.The third part is to study the connotation and characteristics of collaborative education in colleges and universities in order to solve the problem of what collaborative education is.Therefore,the concept of "university collaborative education" is defined through the concept of "collaborative education" and "collaborative education",and the structural elements are pointed out.On this basis,the main content is excavated and the relationship between the main content is explained,and its characteristics are comprehensively explored.The fourth part is the present situation of the cooperative education in colleges and universities the achievements,problems and reasons to carry on the analysis,mainly to solve the current college why is still a certain distance away from the expected effect of collaborative education problems,colleges and universities through investigation and analysis of the current collaborative education preliminary build concept preliminary formation,ways,such as effectiveness 'preliminary achievement;However,there are still problems in the subject,content,goal,process and many other collaborative elements,and analyze the reasons behind them.The fifth part is based on the status quo of cooperative education in colleges and universities put forward countermeasures,mainly solve how to strengthen the cooperative education resultant force,improve the problem of collaborative education actual effect in colleges and universities,to build with collaborative education system,educational subject clear on the premise of the educational target collaborative education guidance,build collaborative education system,establishing the educational content as the key mechanism of cooperative education,focusing on the process of collaborative for educational environment conditions of cooperative education atmosphere and improve the guarantee mechanism of cooperative education in colleges and universities incentive six aspects of concrete countermeasures for collaborative education in colleges and universities to provide feasible path.
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