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A Study On The Countermeasures Of The Course "Outline Of Modern And Contemporary Chinese History" To Historical Nihilism

Posted on:2021-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306119472924Subject:Marxist theory
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In recent years,historical nihilism,under the guise of "academic cloak" and in the name of reappraisal of history,has purposefully distorted and ignored the modern history of China,especially the history of revolution,construction and reform led by the communist party of China,in an attempt to challenge the leadership of the party and impact the security of socialist ideology.College ideology is an important part of socialist ideology,and the program is the core course of ideological education in colleges and universities.Historical nihilism is deceptive and cheating,which has a great impact on the implementation of the program and the realization of the teaching objectives,and has caused many negative effects on the values of contemporary college students.If we fail to take effective measures in time,it will do great harm to the ideological security of Chinese universities.Only by recognizing historical nihilism can we deal with it effectively.Firstly,this paper sorts out the concept,performance and harm of historical nihilism.Secondly,the author studies the negative influence and reasons of historical nihilism on the teaching of compendium.Historical nihilism impinges on the subject status of the course,interferes with the teaching content of the course and affects the teaching effect of the course.Course teaching is inseparable from students.This paper also analyzes the influence of historical nihilism on contemporary college students from the perspective of teaching objectives.Given the negative influence of historical nihilism on the course teaching of compendium,this paper explores the causes of the negative influence from the aspects of historical nihilism itself,social environment,the course teaching of compendium and the individual of contemporary college students.Finally,according to the reasons why historical nihilism affects the course teaching of "outline",this paper puts forward some concrete countermeasures against historical nihilism in "outline" teaching.We should create a good teaching environment,strengthen the education of historical materialism,tell Chinese stories well,pay more attention to practical teaching,deepen the reform of ideological and political course system,and constantly improve the ability of the program to deal with historical nihilism.The teaching of "outline" should adhere to the unity of historical science and ideological politics,clarify students' misunderstanding of historical issues,help students correctly understand the modern history of our country,strengthen students' confidence in the path,theory,system,and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics,improve students' political literacy,and enhance their ability to distinguish and resist historical nihilism.
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