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Research On College Students' Network Moral Conscious Cultivation

Posted on:2021-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the background of the rapid development of the Internet,college students,as the main force of “touching the net”,are deeply influenced by the Internet.On the one hand,the Internet breaks the traditional mode of information dissemination,provides a platform for college students to obtain various information resources,and brings convenience to their study and life.On the other hand,owing to the virtual and hidden nature of the cyberspace,it is intermingled with massive good and bad information,which easily affects the college students whose moral personality has not yet been fully shaped,cause the phenomenon of moral anomie on the internet to happen occasionally.During the decisive period of building a well-off society in an all-round way,carrying forward good social moral fashion,cultivating college students' network moral consciousness are the inevitable requirement to promote the all-round development of people as well as the strategic need to build a powerful socialist modern country in an all-round way.As far as college students are concerned,cultivating network moral consciousness can make college students understand and recognize network moral norms and turn them into their own network moral practice,thus promoting the formulation of noble moral quality.This study combs the theoretical basis of cultivating network moral consciousness of university students in detail,conducts the empirical research,which has the double significance of theory and practice.Through the analysis of questionnaire survey and interview on focus group and other research methods,it is known that the conscious cultivation of college students' network morality has achieved certain results.At the same time,there are also some problems,such as incomplete network moral education system,lack of social network moral atmosphere and disconnection between students' network moral knowledge and practice.The main reasons that lead to the problems in the cultivation of college students' network moral consciousness are: the lack of deep guidance in higher education,the lag of social network moral construction,the absence of family cultivation and the poor connection of individual cultivation.To enhance the network moral quality of college students and cultivate their network moral consciousness,we should adhere to the four principles of unity of theory and practice,unity of instillation and inspiration,unity of subjectivity and sociality,unity of inheritance and innovation.In the choice of cultivation path,the first path selection is to improve their ideological understanding and cooperate with other forces;the second is to implement the system guarantee and strengthen the top-level design;the third is to optimize the education system and stimulate the internal motive force;the fourth is to strengthen team building and foster actual results;the fifth is to create a good atmosphere and build a solid breeding ground.Aiming at the group of college students,carrying out research on the cultivation of network moral consciousness has increasingly become a new topic of network moral education in universities in the new era.
Keywords/Search Tags:College students, Cyber moral consciousness, Nurturing path
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