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Research On Supply Chain Synergy Evaluation Of New Campus Construction Projects In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2021-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306122984229Subject:Project management
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With the popularization of higher education,the old campuses of colleges and universities have been unable to meet the current and future teaching tasks.Colleges and universities have begun to actively prepare for the construction of new campuses,which has become an inevitable trend in the development of today's universities.Compared with the original old campus,the new campus has also undergone great changes in terms of architectural style,structure,function and scale.It generally has the characteristics of large project scale,long construction period and many units involved.This is a new campus construction project for colleges and universities.The supply chain companies have come up with new requirements.However,due to various reasons such as the development of the market economy and competition in the industry,there is often a lack of collaboration within the supply chain,cumbersome business processes,decentralized resources,and information silos,which damage the overall interests of the project and solve the problem of supply chain coordination has become a top priority.China has not yet formed a mature evaluation system for the synergy effect of the supply chain of new campus construction projects.The article identifies the indicators that influence the ordering degree of the supply chain of the new campus construction projects in colleges and universities,establishes a supply chain collaborative evaluation system,selects examples for empirical research,and proposes improvement measures to provide reference for the construction of such projects.First of all,the article analyzes the connotation of the construction of new district projects,the supply chain and the connotation of supply chain management.The use of supply chain management in the construction of new campuses in colleges and universities can avoid the fierce competition between the participants in the traditional projects,and only pursue the maximization of their own interests,which leads to the increase of the cost of construction or the decline of quality,and the establishment of new campus construction.The project supply chain collaborative evaluation system can guide such projects to achieve the coordination and integration of the supply chain system and improve efficiency.Secondly,according to the characteristics of new campus construction projects and supply chain management,this paper starts from the five aspects of informationcoordination,business collaboration,resource coordination,organization coordination and link point coordination,and uses the Delphi method to select 28 secondary evaluation indicators.The 28 evaluation indicators were explained in detail,and the evaluation index system for the supply chain of the new campus construction project was established.Thirdly,the article uses the combination of subjective weight and objective weight to determine the weight of each index in the evaluation system,and uses fuzzy analysis to establish a collaborative evaluation model for the supply chain of the new campus construction project.It is preferred to determine the subjective weight of each evaluation index by AHP and conduct consistency test.Then,the entropy weight method is used to determine the objective weight of each evaluation index.After combining the subjective weight and the objective weight,the composite weight of the evaluation index is established.The membership matrix is used for collaborative evaluation of the criteria layer and the target layer.Finally,the article takes the construction project of the new campus of Hunan Railway Vocational College as an example for empirical analysis.Based on the analysis of the project background,characteristics and supply chain collaborative organization model,the fuzzy vector of the second-level index is constructed according to the data obtained from the entropy weight method,and the membership matrix of the criterion layer and the target layer is obtained.For the five subsystems and targets The collaborative evaluation of the layer shows that the overall supply chain synergy effect of the project is “general” and close to the “good” level.Based on the overall evaluation results of the project and the evaluation results of the five subsystems,analyze the problems existing in the supply chain coordination of this project and conduct corresponding countermeasure research.
Keywords/Search Tags:University new campus construction project, Supply chain, Synergistic evaluation, Analytic hierarchy process, Entropy weight method
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