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Research On The Regional Differences Of Informational Employment Effects

Posted on:2021-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306224492524Subject:Regional Economics
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Economic and social development of northwest side of the “Hu line” are relatively backward compared with southeast side,which not only affect the overall economic and social sustainable development in our country,but also affect our country's national defense security and frontier stability,the government attaches great importance to the situation of northwest of the “Hu line”,narrowing the difference between the southeast and northwest of the “Hu line” as soon as possible,the problem that let the northwest people can share the development fruits is important and realistic,which needs to be solved.For common people,they care for their livelihood very much.To ensure and improve the people's livelihood on the northwest side of the “Hu line” is the way to share the fruits of development for the common people.As a top priority for people's livelihood,it is particularly important to improve employment in the northwest.improve people's livelihood in the northwest by focusing on employment is of great significance,which narrow the gap between the two sides of the line gradually.Since the 21 st century,China's rapid development of information technology and its involvement in economic life have not only given great energy to economic activities,but also brought revolutionary changes to employment.At the same time,there are great differences in the level of informatization in different regions in China,and the employment effect may also be different in different regions.The study of regional differences in the employment effect of informatization can help us seize the opportunity of information development,and thus improve the employment situation on both sides of the “Hu line”,reducing the development differences on both sides.This paper took informatization and employment as the research object,based on the informatization and employment situation on both sides of the “Hu line”,analyzing the impact of informatization on employment and the difference of its impact from the theoretical and empirical aspects.To be specific,firstly,based on the development background of both sides of the “Hu line” and in combination with the current policy guidance,the paper put forward the necessity and urgency of improving the employment situation on the northwest side of the “Hu line”.In combination with the current informatization process,through sorting out the relevant literature,the paper put forward problem of "regional differences of informatization employment effect".Then,based on the data of China urban statistical yearbook and China statistical yearbook from 2004 to 2018,the paper analyzed the characteristics of informatization and employment,and especially analyzed the differences between informatization and employment variables on both sides of the “Hu line”.Then it discussed the theoretical mechanism of informatization affecting employment,including the influence of informatization on the number of employment and the structure of employment,and analyzed the difference of informatization employment effect on both sides of the “Hu line” in combination with the informatization and employment situation.Finally,the paper tested employment effect of informatization and its regional differences by using ordinary least square method and two-stage least square method.Through theoretical and empirical analysis,the main conclusions of this paper are as follows:First,the level of information has been improved,whether the southeast or northwest side of the “Hu line”,the level of information has been improved to some extent.According to the analysis results of sample cities in this paper,the employment rate on the southeast side of the “Hu line” is higher than that on the northwest side,and the ratio of tertiary industry employees to secondary industry employees in urban units on the northwest side is higher than that on the southeast side.Second,informatization is conducive to employment.When informatization increases a unit,employment rate increases by 0.029.Informatization is conducive to the promotion of employment structure.When one unit is increased by informatization,the employment structure changes by 0.242,and the ratio of the number of people employed in the tertiary industry to the number of people employed in the secondary industry increases by 0.242.Thirdly,there are differences in the employment structure effect of informatization on both sides of the “Hu line”.Compared with the southeast side of the “Hu line”,the employment structure effect of informatization is greater in the northwest side.According to the paper,there is no difference in the employment quantity effect of informatization on both sides of the “Hu line”.
Keywords/Search Tags:informatization, quantity of employment, structure of employment, the “Hu-line”, regional difference
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