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Research On The Employment Effect Of FDI In Service Industry In Guangdong Province

Posted on:2021-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306248969519Subject:International business
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In recent years,foreign direct investment(FDI)around the world has taken on a "servitization" trend,and the labor force has started to move towards the service sector.The experience of various countries has proved that the service industry has obvious advantages in employment creation.The introduction of FDI in the service industry can not only absorb part of the employment through its employment creation effect,but also promote the improvement of employment quality.China has a large population and great employment pressure.To solve the employment problem,governments at all levels attach great importance to the introduction of FDI in the service sector.Under the guidance of market demand and the government,the proportion of FDI in the service sector has gradually increased,which makes the service sector more and more become a important engine to promote economic growth.The development of the service industry in Guangdong province has always been in the leading position in the country.Meanwhile,Guangdong province is also one of the main provinces where the labor force is concentrated.Therefore,the research on the employment effect of FDI in the service industry in Guangdong province has certain theoretical and practical significance for alleviating the employment pressure and promoting the efficient utilization of FDI.In this study,the domestic and foreign literatures were firstly sorted out from the two aspects of employment quantity and employment quality,and the relevant concepts were defined,and the relevant theories were reviewed.On this basis,the paper analyzes the mechanism of FDI's influence on employment from two aspects of employment quantity and employment quality,and constructs the theoretical basis of this study.Second,this study analyzes the current situation of FDI and employment in service industry in Guangdong province,including the present situation of the service industry FDI part mainly from investment scale,industry distribution,regional distribution of FDI,investment form and source of five dimensions,and in the service sector employment status quo part through the two aspects of the employment quantity and quality of employment,employment terms of the number of overall employment situation analysis includes services and internal representative subdivision industry employment;The employment quality mainly includes the status quo of the worker's wage level and labor productivity.After that,empirical analysis was conducted on the data of Guangdong province from 1998 to 2018,and the conclusion was drawn that FDI in the service sector in Guangdong province can not only promote the increase of the number of employment in the service sector,but also promote the improvement of the employment quality in the service sector.Based on the above analysis,this paper puts forward Suggestions on how to make more efficient use of FDI in the service industry in Guangdong province in terms of exerting the employment effect.Second,in terms of policies and regulations,we should speed up the construction of market laws and regulations and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.Thirdly,the introduction of talents needs to promote the establishment of educational infrastructure and the improvement of welfare policies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service industry, Foreign direct investment, Employment, Guang dong Province
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